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was so that the task in post was to hone and not build the colour. She leant on the work of photographer Deana Lawson in order to capture skin tone effectively. A drone scene at the end of the film was something she plucked from Silver Linings Playbook , while another scene references Malcolm X [1992]. “We were all over the map because the film has so many elements to it,” she says. In perhaps a cinematic first, they also drew inspiration from a GIF. “When I first met with Cord, he showed me a GIF of [former NBA basketball player] David Robinson sitting on a bench. He had a camera trained full on his face showing his reaction on the court. Then, a white woman completely blocks his line of IT SEEMED LIKE the perfect place TO SHOW THAT VISUALLY”

COMMAND OF TONE Photographer Deana Lawson was an inspiration for capturing skin tones

sight. Jefferson said this was a metaphor for the film. He didn’t intend it as a shot reference, but when we were blocking the scene at a public reading of his book – with Monk facing everything he is up against – it seemed like the perfect place to show that visually.”

The film premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, earning the People’s Choice Award, and also picked up two Golden Globe nominations. “I’m waiting to see what happens and what opportunities it brings," concludes Dunlap. “We’re all very proud of it.”



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