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FujifilmX-T10: smaller, faster, smarter

Say hello to the compact system camera that’s ready for anything

TOP-PLATE Stylish and practical, the X-T10’s dials are perfectly placed for easy operation. The right- hand dials include shutter speed and compensation.

HANDGRIP While slight, the grip still offers a comfortable and reassuring hold on the rigid body, with its die-cast magnesium top and base plates.

POP-UPFLASH The built-in flash, rated 5GN at ISO 100 and sited under the pentaprism, comes in handy in both low-light and contre-jour situations.

A new autofocusing system also makes the X-T10 one of the most versatile CSCs around. It offers Zone and Wide/Tracking modes, both of which are designed to make sports and action much easier to shoot. Available now, the X-T10 offers a great entry point to both Fujifilm and CSCs in general. It could be the camera that sees you go mirrorless.

the look of SLR cameras from the 70s and 80s with top-plate dials to change key controls and a ‘pentaprism’ housing a high-quality electronic viewfinder. Tipping the scales at just 381g for the body only, however, it certainly doesn’t have the weight or bulk of its film-based predecessors and is both small and rugged enough to be a go-anywhere camera.

pixel array that combats moiré and delivers highly accurate colours. The cameras also feature Film Simulation modes, which replicate some of Fujifilm’s most popular film emulsions, and key into the XF lens range that offers a high-quality collection of both primes and zooms. The X-T10 takes many of its styling cues from the X-T1, both mimicking

The Fujifilm X-series has become hugely popular since its inception in 2010. The cameras all feature stunning retro styling, yet are packed with technological innovations to maximise picture-taking creativity. Central to these is the unique X-Trans sensor, which delivers impressive results in a wide range of lighting conditionsbyvirtueof amore random

Small but perfectly formed, Fujifilm’s X-T10 is set to attract even more photographers to the award-winning X-series range. Its combination of good looks, great handling and superb range of features is reason enough to get your hands on this latest model, but it also carries an equally attractive price tag; under £500 for the body.

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