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Behind the scenes Going strong since 1999, Genesis Hire owes its success to its ‘well-rounded in-house filmmakers and creators’. For instance, Velody – who comes from the UK’s indie music scene – enjoys a successful freelance career alongside his day job. He says it ‘fuels [his] knowledge and experience in the rental team’, and that both professional endeavours feed off one another. With Genesis’ support, Velody was recently able to organise a 50-artist video shoot. Genesis enjoys backing emergent and established filmmakers alike. “We love to see DOPs and directors thriving in their zone,” Velody assures. “They grow with us as we tackle more complicated rigs and set-ups.” Aside from facilitating exceptional visual imagery, “it’s also a pleasure to be supporting so many creatives; this industry is full of people who are genuinely kind and helpful.” Velody describes another exciting aspect of video production – getting to go behind the scenes. “One of our favourite parts of the job is seeing our Genesis-branded ALEXA Minis up the mountains and on the pyramids,” he reports. Whether on location or in the studio, “we use the power of our cine house to attack fun projects.” Trendsetter Staying attuned to trends is key to the rental business, and video production more generally: “That’s essential for maintaining your clients,” continues Velody. Genesis employs CVP’s digital archives to “track prices and watch tech

BOTTOM-UP APPROACH Between its multi-talented staff and industry contacts at CVP, Genesis has all the information needed to provide an outstanding rental service

Going green Over the years, Genesis has reduced its carbon footprint. While renting and reselling gear is environmentally friendly in its own right, distribution and office administration still pose a challenge. Genesis uses LED lighting in the office, recyclable materials in product packaging and cycle-to-work schemes for its employees. The company also plans to go paperless and operate only electric vehicles by the year’s end. Back in May, Genesis became an official ‘albert-approved’ supplier. Occasionally, Genesis will sell ex- rental items second-hand, furthering its commitment to sustainability. For-sale equipment – all at affordable prices – can be found on the ‘sales’ section of the website. How-to Are you interested in hiring from Genesis? Velody is happy to provide quotes, rate cards and guidance. The bookings team offers hands-on demos – and a coffee or tea – for those passing through the Lambeth area. All rentals require an application, including references and insurance, to ensure that the equipment will be returned in good order. Everything can be completed online or over the phone. Just head to

trends across a range of products. Their website is an invaluable resource to us.” In the modern age, social media can be another excellent source of information for buyers and sellers alike. “CVP’s YouTube channel boasts a fantastic collection of unbiased and informative videos on the latest trends – which is crucial for informing us on rental purchasing,” explains Velody. Certain gear – like vintage cine lenses – will always be in demand, but Genesis is enjoying “the latest industry trend of intercompatible cameras and accessories,” remarks Velody. “CVP fills the gap between the technical and the creative. We appreciate the multifaceted service massively.”

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