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I n a move to AI-based motion capture, Vicon (in collaboration with Dreamscape Immersive) released its machine learning- powered marker-less technology. Following nearly three years of R&D, the technology provides a true- to-life VR experience with more seamless movement and less gear. Marker-less motion capture is a way to create experiences and animations for VR, AR and the like. The research process used real- time, full-body motion capture and headset tracking to refine algorithms and design a better, more coherent UX. Vicon also launched its VFX Pioneer Program, hoping creators and engineers might share in the power of marker-less tech. Though useful in M&E, Vicon’s advancement can apply to business, education, medicine and more.


S amyang has announced the ‘world’s first cine AF lens range for full- frame E-mount’. Once completed, it will include six primes ranging from 20-100mm in focal length. The lenses, made for video creators and small-scale filmmakers, promise quick, quiet autofocus, with the option of adding a manual focus adapter for those wanting more precision. The V-AF series is designed for high-resolution Sony FE cameras. Each lens is compact, weighing 280g or fewer, making them ideal for gimbals and drones, especially as they’re weather sealed. They offer a unified form factor and colour tone, making them easy to switch between. The manual focus adapter allows the lens’ focus ring to control aperture, with 300° of rotation and a 95mm-diameter front element. Each lens also features a focus hold (AF) or focus save (MF) button. Lenses start from £529/$599.



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