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ROHDE & SCHWARZ SPYCERNODE2 U nveiled at NAB 2023, the SpycerNode2 storage platform builds on the original SpycerNode while adding increased flexibility, scalability and connectivity. Built with IBM’s high-performance computing (HPC) technologies, the SpycerNode2 uses Spectrum Scale RAID software, boosting performance by as much as 50%. The SpycerNode2 adds Dynamic Media Cache, allowing editors to cache regularly used content in post-production. While the original SpycerNode was constructed around channel playout, users progressively needed high- performance storage – which has been added to the SpycerNode2. It comes in two models, with a maximum disk count of eight (4TB) or 84 (1680TB). Together, the pair can manage a maximum capacity of 6.7PB – or be networked for more, if required. The SpycerNode2 allows for tiered storage architectures and provides complete failover protection and uninterrupted data.

MITAKON SPEEDMASTER CINE LENS SET Z hongyi Optics (ZY Optics) has released the Mitakon Speedmaster 20/35/50mm S35 T1 Cine Lens Set, which includes three primes, all with a wide T1.0 aperture. Each lens creates stunning images, adding cinematic depth, beautifully pronounced bokeh, precise focus and true-to-life colours. Thanks to their wide maximum aperture, the Speedmasters excel in low-light conditions. Every shot is captured with minimal noise yet a vibrant, vintage feel. Background blurring is achieved via the lenses’ nine-blade design. A long focus throw allows for easier manual focusing, while minimum breathing means less image distortion when switching between subjects. The Speedmaster set also makes lens-switching effortless thanks to its ‘constant unified gear position’ feature. It’s compatible with Sony E, Nikon Z, Fujifilm X and Canon RF mounts. The full set is available for £1224/$1299, with individual lenses £443/$499 each.

MEGAPIXEL HELIOS LED PROCESSING PLATFORM E ngineered by Megapixel as a single 1RU, HELIOS is a powerful yet easy-to-use LED Processing Platform that can handle full 8K+ and HDR video. With multi-user control, real-time mapping and a flexible REST API, HELIOS offers effortless user experience for professional-grade productions. Designed for virtual production and extended reality, HELIOS supports advanced in-camera VFX tools like Camera Mode and GhostFrame. The platform boasts 100% colour accuracy thanks to its LightScience technology, as well as exceptional tone-mapping and greyscale performance down to every subpixel. HELIOS comes with modular inputs for HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, 12G SDI and – most notably – 100G QSFP, becoming the first LED processor on the market to do so. It can ingest up to 8K/60p or four 4K/60p streams via SMPTE ST- 2110 at a time, with an impressive output of 80Gbps.

EVERY SHOT IS CAPTURED WITH minimal noise YET A vibrant, vintage feel ”



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