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Z EISS has released its new camera-tracking system, CinCraft Scenario, as part of its CinCraft ecosystem. Combining Ncam’s tracking technology with ZEISS’s lens-making expertise, the system is designed for use in nearly any filmmaking environment. CinCraft Scenario contains hybrid tracking technology that tracks both reflective and digital markers as well as features found in the surrounding area, like object edges. The system works indoors, outdoors, on sets, with blue and green screens and in LED volumes. It also provides real-time data for virtual productions and live compositing. CinCraft Scenario benefits from ZEISS’s CinCraft lens characteristics, like plug and play, eliminating the mapping and calibration process. That said, the system works with major optical manufacturers and can integrate with Unreal Engine. Users can configure CinCraft Scenario themselves or choose from four pre-configured bundles.

PIXERA FOR VIRTUAL PRODUCTION S ince its release in 2019, PIXERA has become an essential tool in virtual production. Whether in playback or real time, PIXERA can handle videos in 4K, 8K and HDR, making it a popular choice for LED volumes and other VP set-ups. Users can tailor PIXERA to any project at all, letting them import custom-made 3D objects, LUTs, OCIO files and the like, as well as creating predetermined colour settings for realistic results. Plus, users can switch between PIXERA and other software (like Unreal Engine or Notch) without having to make adjustments, offering a truly integrative experience. Available as either a hardware- or software-only solution, PIXERA is easy to install on both new and existing equipment. Its intuitive user interface lets clients manipulate content in real time.


R osco’s new DMG Lion – a 13in, 1000W LED fresnel – is the latest of its entertainment lighting solutions. The Lion is part of Rosco’s DMG range, which includes fixtures for the film, TV and broadcast industries. The Lion’s 1000W of power produce a maximum output equivalent to a 2K classic tungsten fresnel, with two interchangeable LED engines – one with a full-spectrum output and the other a bicolour. Its 13in lens creates bright (but not harsh) light and crisp shadows on set, with a motorised 15-70° spot-to-flood that can be remotely controlled. The DMG Lion works well in unpredictable outdoor environments, offering dependability in almost any weather condition, including extreme cold and high heat. It’s also designed to support future engine installations, so as LED technology evolves, the Lion evolves with it.



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