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From lenses to lighting, we round up the latest must-have gear to get on your radar

SCHNEIDER- KREUZNACH DIOPTER SPOT CINE FILTER LINE A fter launching its Classic ND filter collection, Schneider- Kreuznach has released its cine filter line, Diopter Spot. The filters offer a sharp central focus while blurring the edges of the frame, creating unique, ethereal images that guide the eye towards the middle of the shot. The Diopter Spot line comes in six variants: plain-area diameters of 25 or 50mm combined with dioptre strengths of 1/2, 1 or 2. Each filter creates a distinct effect, from subtle to strong, though the impact depends on what kind of lens it is used in conjunction with. The filters don’t require any exposure compensation to work. The entire collection features a unified filter size of 138mm and mounts as a drop-in filter cell, fitting with any compatible matte boxes. Schneider-Kreuznach also offers Diopter Full and Diopter Split as part of its cine line. Diopter Spot filters cost £574.96, excluding VAT.

TIFFEN FILTERS FOR ARRI SIGNATURE LENSES T iffen has added a range of filter types – compatible with the Magnetic Rear Filter Holder on ARRI Signature Prime and Zoom lenses – to its collection of imaging tools. Filmmakers can choose from Black Fog, Night Fog, Black Pro Mist, Antique Black Pearlescent, Antique Pearlescent, Antique Satin, Smoque, Glimmerglass and more, giving each image a unique look and feel. Rear filters are available in grades 1⁄8 to 2 and can be used across a range of focal lengths. This is opposed to front-of-the- lens filters, which require different strengths depending on the angle. The Tiffen range encourages immediate changeability, since each magnetic ring easily snaps onto an ARRI Signature lens with no threading required. Made with optical-grade glass and laminated via ColorCore technology, Tiffen’s filters are manufactured in the US and automatically come with ten years of warranty.



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