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Top tips for security success


Beware the enemy within: The biggest breaches are caused by people inside your business. But that’s not bad news: education is key. Awareness of the threats and attack vectors – along with the proper zero-trust procedures – will go a long way to keeping your production secure. Do it the right way the first time: Along with education should come an appreciation that security takes time – sometimes that’s just a few extra seconds to do the proper authentication. But a few extra seconds can seem an eternity to an editor hopped up on caffeine at 2am. Just a few seconds to do the right thing now can save you days, months or a lifetime of grief later. Trust no one: Be like Conan’s dad and trust no one. Adopt zero-trust architecture in your production; this isn’t paranoia, it’s responsibility. Everyone steps up to be part of the solution in protecting the business. Have a recovery plan: “Anybody that doesn't have appropriate measures to recover from ransomware is seriously falling short,” explains Stephens. Work under the assumption that the worst-case scenario will eventually happen and then make sure you have appropriate disaster-recovery mechanisms so you can restore your systems as quickly as possible after an attack. This doesn’t just mean having backups, but also a plan in place for rebuilding your entire architecture in as efficient a way as possible if necessary.





The film industry is famously slow to change, but the adoption of zero- trust architecture seems to be taking hold – fuelled by its adoption across other industries, too. And cybersecurity is becoming an important part of any suite of tech tools. Whether you’re a camera assistant or VFX supervisor, your job will involve exchanging files – and it’s now a priority to be able to do that securely. The Digital Production Partnership issued its Committed to Security rating system back in 2017. The accreditation consists of self-assessment and audit by security consultants, Convergent Risks. A large number of vendors and suppliers are on board, from all parts of the supply chain. File-transfer software provider Signiant, whose Media Shuttle product has proven a go-to tool for Hollywood studios, has developed its technology

around a collection of secure design principles, including a well-defined trust model, least-privilege access, secure-by-default settings and defence in depth. Signiant has DPP Committed to Security badges for production and broadcast, and its software is used across both industries. “Security concerns are at an all- time high and we hear it over and over from the market,” stresses Jon Finegold, Signiant’s chief marketing officer. “In fact, it’s been a good growth driver for the Signiant Platform, driving companies to finally retire legacy solutions like FTP, hard-drive workflows and older software. Customers require cloud and SaaS services that are built with a ‘security first’ mindset.” The cyber threat will never go away – but with the right tools and knowledge, we can make sure we're ready when it comes knocking.



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