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HARNESSING AI The Scan Pro Video team takes a look at the artificial intelligence tools being integrated into the media and entertainment industry THOUGHT LEADERS AI-POWERED TOOLS ALLOW

studios to generate new ideas, concept art and, in the case of the latter, speed up creative processes by teaching the system your own artistic style. AI-powered tools can benefit creators and teams by streamlining workflows and reducing costs. They can be instrumental in generating new ideas like in previs, allowing users to focus on unbridled creativity rather than thinking about technology. When it comes to benefitting creators and the bottom line, one example is through machine learning, where businesses can teach the system based on data they have generated over the years. This could be automatic reconciliation, automated media management, generating images in a branded style or reducing the risk of error in mundane, repetitive data-entry tasks… the possibilities are endless. Find out more about implementing AI into your business by contacting the Scan Pro Video team via scanprovideo@ or 01204 474747 USERS TO FOCUS ON unbridled creativity RATHER THAN thinking about technology ”

Ever since NVIDIA introduced Tensor Cores into its GPUs, AI-powered tools have been present in every corner of the M&E industry. Blackmagic Design started using these a few years ago when it released its Neural Engine as part of DaVinci Resolve, to accelerate processes that would take editors hours to complete. This includes automatic rotoscoping, content-aware object replacement, automatic caption generation and shot matching. Better upscaling is made possible by the power of AI. You can now feed old, low-resolution content into DaVinci Resolve and receive high-quality, UHD content back that shows no signs of being upscaled. There are stand-alone AI upscaling software tools – one to check out is Topaz Labs.

Another very important, often overlooked application of AI that can save huge amounts of time and money is media management. Network storage solutions from SNS will scan through all the video content that you store in your on-premises managed storage, and apply metadata tags based on what it recognises in the frame. That’s extremely useful for larger studios, especially those in the advertisement and marketing sectors. Adobe has also implemented AI- powered tools into its software packages, such as text to edit, which allows users to type commands using natural language and the software will interpret and apply it to their videos. This represents a massive reduction in the barrier to entry; users no longer have to spend months learning the intricacies of each application. A recent example is Adobe’s Generative Fill tool, powered by Firefly AI. This has been making waves lately, enabling artists to extend images and add and remove objects for amazing results. Outside of software, some camera and robotics manufacturers have implemented machine learning to recognise and track people in frame. This has useful applications for lectures and similar events as it reduces reliance on human operators. Finally, generative AI is what attracts the most attention in M&E. Tools such as DALL-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion are already being used by

NEW-AGE TECH New developments in GPU technology have pushed AI-capable hardware into the hands of the masses



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