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Embracing the future of broadcast Technology from ROE Visual is contributing to a paradigm shift in the world of production


The Catalyst Stage enables live multicamera productions, embracing novel technologies including GhostFrame, Unreal Engine, Disguise xR, Pixotope and Mark Roberts Motion Control camera systems. NEP Group handled the studio integration with LED screens from ROE Visual, consisting of Black Pearl BP2V2 and Black Marble displays. In combination with Megapixel’s HELIOS LED Processing Platform, all the GhostFrame functionality is fully enabled. ESPN’s Catalyst Stage joins the revamped Studio A in Los Angeles for Fox Sports, which debuted last autumn for the NFL season. That studio uses similar production tools, including GhostFrame, to blend physical and virtual elements in a large LED volume.

The landscape of broadcast production is evolving rapidly, driven by advancements that redefine how content is created and delivered. In this digital age, producers and content creators are embracing new possibilities – like integrating XR and AR elements to broadcast applications. Combined with LED walls and GhostFrame technology, these innovations offer unprecedented opportunities for immersive and engaging experiences. To bring XR and AR elements to life, LED walls play a crucial role. They serve as the canvas on which virtual content is projected, seamlessly integrating digital and physical elements. High-resolution displays, excellent colour reproduction and versatile configurations provide an immersive backdrop that enables content creators to transport viewers to breathtaking landscapes, simulate environments or seamlessly overlay information on real-world settings. The power of GhostFrame technology One of the key challenges faced by live broadcast production is smoothly Integrating LED walls for XR and AR applications

transitioning between multiple camera angles. GhostFrame technology enables safe and seamless switching of cameras in real time, combining multiple streams and synchronising them to create a unified output with minimal latency. By incorporating GhostFrame technology, broadcasters can seamlessly switch between camera perspectives at live events, enhancing the viewer experience and capturing the best moments with precision. Revolutionising workflow GhostFrame technology revolutionises the workflow of live multicam switching. It eliminates the need for traditional, complex video switching set-ups and post-production adjustments, allowing for immediate visual feedback in live broadcasts. Broadcasters then gain the flexibility to switch camera perspectives effortlessly, enhancing the overall production quality. What the future holds The future of broadcast production is filled with many exciting possibilities. As content creators and broadcast producers, it is essential to embrace innovations to deliver captivating experiences. LED walls now allow for immersive storytelling, using XR set extension plus AR elements and real- time visualisations, while GhostFrame enables seamless live multicam switching. With these technologies, broadcasters can create unforgettable experiences. The time to embrace the future of broadcast is now – and the possibilities are limitless.


Elevate your studio experience with ROE Visual’s Ruby RB1.2, a high-quality NPP LED panel. Ruby RB1.2 lives up to the state-of- the-art standard that defines every product in the Ruby range, providing excellent contrast and colour consistency and resulting in superior visual performance. Ruby RB1.2 offers high contrast, reduced power consumption and less reflection due to the optimised black LED body. The 16-bit colour depth ensures near- realistic colour accuracy and striking on-camera visuals.


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