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“EVERYBODY WANTS TO SEE THEMSELVES represented fairly on-screen as well as off-camera, AND HAVE A CHANCE AT A CAREER”

T he production industry is notoriously impregnable, with nepotism often deciding who (and therefore, what) gets commissioned. Breaking into television can be especially difficult, and many individuals – despite undeniable talent – are sidelined for any number of reasons. Angela Ferreira is an exception, having started as a BBC researcher ‘many years ago’. From there, she worked on children’s titles like Bodger & Badger , The O-Zone and daytime shows such as Doctors , before becoming head of the BBC’s African and Caribbean Unit. Later moving into commissioning at Channel 4, Ferreira worked across projects including T4 and Big Brother’s Little Brother , as well as daytime shows like The Paul O’Grady Show and Deal or No Deal . She’s also produced popular events like the MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards and Glastonbury Festival. Now, she’s the managing director at Douglas Road Productions – founded by Sir Lenny Henry – and diversity,

WORDS Katie Kasperson

In the first entry of a new series spotlighting industry changemakers, we sit down with diversity champion Angela Ferreira to discuss her two decades of pioneering inclusion



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