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NEW VIRTUAL PRODUCTION STAGE AT PIER59 P ier59 Studios has installed a state- of-the-art virtual production stage at its studios in Chelsea Piers, New York.

provides the advantage of in-camera visual effects, which cuts the time and costs for post-production.” Steve Baum, Pier59 Studios CIO, said: “By combining 3D virtual environments with the agility of the virtual production stage, we can conjure nearly any place, at any time of day, during any season, precisely controlling the environmental conditions. We can even adjust them on the fly to get the perfect shot. And then, of course, the virtual stage can deliver cost savings by eliminating the time and expense of travelling with cast and crew to far-flung locations.”

Utilising a Disguise media server, the new facility features LED display technologies from Planar, including the 65ft-wide Planar CarbonLight CLI VX-B Series LED video wall, an almost 30x10ft articulating LED ceiling – comprised of an 18x6ft Planar CarbonLight CLI VX-B Series LED video wall, plus four LED display moveable carts, each with a 5x11.5ft Planar CarbonLight CLI VX-B Series LED video wall. All three assets have a 2.6mm pixel pitch (CLI VX 2.6). “The LED video walls look brilliant with the naked eye, but what’s most important for us is that they look great in-camera,” said Lorenzo Ferrante, virtual production manager at Pier59 Studios. “Production professionals that use our stage, such as DOPs, have the guarantee that any colour profile they want can be accomplished and the representation of colour is accurate. And, obviously, virtual production

SITE TO BEHOLD Twofour54 is set to expand on its purpose-built space for M&E, Yas Creative Hub



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