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SPARKS FLYING Christopher Nolan’s decision not to use CG in the film meant all detonations were produced through a combination of practical effects and compositing

producer. The film marks his and Nolan’s third collaboration, following Dunkirk and Tenet ; with Jackson’s work on the latter earning a BAFTA and the Oscar for best visual effects. “I didn’t know what this project was until I read the script,” Jackson reveals, “but Chris already said he wanted to avoid computer-generated effects. He thought if we could shoot it practically, it would fit better with the language and feel of the film. We have tried to capture as much as we can in-camera increasingly on each film, so it was no surprise he said no CG whatsoever.”

Capturing the Trinity test was ‘one of the most important things to figure out’, according to Nolan. He’d created a nuclear explosion using computer graphics in The Dark Knight Rises , “which worked for that film,” he says, “but it also showed me, with a real-life event like Trinity, computer graphics would never give you the sense of threat you see in real-life footage.” The real Trinity test was filmed at the time on a range of cameras with a variety of lenses, positioned at various distances and shot at different frame rates. “There’s a visceral feeling

CAPTURING THE TRINITY TEST WAS one of the most important to figure out ”



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