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64 Competition

G W Q L C B J X K S O F S H A R P S C F H A K S D R A C T S O P L S O C I A L T L B K I E R U S O P X E P N G E G Y E Y H D L T G Q S U A O O L N E A S D U S D R J Y R V E D E O I R J O F T X V A H M A I A A T T A W E S F S V C T E S F Y L A W X E H R S U N M R R Q M Z N K B R E C C C I T A E T U N N E L N V L H T L U B A G S S Y M A G I C A L C B D T L W V I R R X S T B P P G E M N G W C N F Capture life’s magical moments across all devices with the Samsung EVO Plus 256GB microSDXC memory card with SD adapter, offering read speeds up to 100MB/s and write speeds of up to 90MB/s. Samsung’s latest cards are also ultra reliable and are water, temperature, X-ray and magnet proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue. We have one 256GB Samsung EVO Plus microSDXC card with SD adapter worth £74.99 for the eagle-eyedwinner. Complete theword search below, and you’ll find oneword in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 8 September 2019 and the winner will be randomly drawn from all correct entries received. The correct answer to PN 67’sword searchwasHats, and the Samsung 256GB EVOPlus cardwas won byWendy Turner fromBedfordshire. A Samsung memory card! WIN!

Editor’s letter Six years later

Photography News is well into its sixth year, and its success is down to you and, of course, the imaging industry, so thank you for your support and long may it continue. The concept of a free publication aimed at keen photographers of all levels was an innovative one – and risky, too. Therewas nothing new in a free newspaper, and they have been popping through our letterboxes for decades. But free and on a specific subject? Well, that was different. Well, it’s working and we’re still growing against a backdrop of challenging times for printed publications. So,sixyearsonand PN willlookdifferentfrom nextissue;butnotradicallyso.Ourcreativeteam has lookedat stuff like typefaces andwhetherwe have justified or ragged right text (ask Google if you want to knowmore), and the editorial team has looked at contents, too, mindful of our recent reader research project (and a big thank you to all thosewho participated). Part of the reason for our navel-gazing is that we wanted to integrate the print version with our website and evolve the online offering. Currently, they lookand feel verydifferent, so it’s time to bring the two together. If you’ve already signedup and registered as amember, good, and if youhaven’t, now’s a good time, so you can read PN online for free. Anyway, look out for the next issue, due out and live online on 10 September.

Above The new and improved Photography News logo, coming to you on 10 September!

Back to this issue, we look at the best camera bag and tripod for your needs. It never fails to amaze me that almost every month we get press releases on new bags and tripods, and that the designers continue to innovate what are, in principle, simple products. I can imagine the collective groan when their bosses come in and say, ‘Right, people, we need a new bag/tripod collection, what are you going to do that’s new and innovative?’ But the fact is they do. It helps, of course, that imaging is constantly changing along with our needs. I can't be alone in having several tripods and even more bags. Looking at my bags, I have ones for a single body/one lens outfit, a sling bag for a camera and several lenses, a medium backpack for a small full-frame outfit, a big backpack for a large camera outfit when travelling and a roller case for travel or working from a car. Then I have a workbag for laptop and camera kit, pouches for filters and flashguns, a case for lighting kit and another for film cameras. And my spare bedroom is a mess of bags (my invented collective noun). It's not much different with my tripods. One is reserved foruse at the coast, there’s avery light one for carrying around all day, a big model for long exposures and one I leave in the car. It is part and parcel of being an enthusiast snapper who likes to dabble in all sorts of subject matter. Over time I’ve just accumulated ‘stuff’ – I think most keen photographers do. But it’s time to get ruthless and declutter. That will keep me busy until we meet again next issue. Have a great month.

Above Will Cheung with his MindShift FirstLight 30L travel backpack

Bags Crashed Drive Exposure External

Grit Interface Leads Magical Menu

Mono Mouse Night Postcards Sharp

Social Stars Storage Sun Tunnel

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