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Our latest contributor, Ginny Campbell, finds out how the Fujifilm X-T3 stacks up to her DSLR for astro and low-light landscape photography

Wandering the streets of Cork while stormbound on a sailing trip to southern Ireland 13 years ago, I walked into a photography shop to investigate digital SLR cameras. Of course, I walked out with my first DSLR, and my fate was sealed. Digital photography revolutionised my relationship with a camera and opened my eyes to the creative possibilities of photography. It made me realise I could make the images my own, rather than relying on the camera to do the

work – which for me had been the safest way of ensuring a roll of film came back with something I would like on it. Little did I realise how addictive photography would become as, over the years, I progressed through several cropped- sensor DSLRs and collections of lenses to my present full-frame Canon EOS 6D, exploring different genres of photography and styles of post-processing, such as monochrome, along the way. I always accepted that the price I had

to pay to ensure the quality of my art was to lug around a minimum of 5kg in a rucksack, plus an extra 3kg or 4kg in wide-angle and big telephoto lenses, infrared-converted body and carbon-fibre tripod. My enthusiasm for photography remains, but my ability to haul it all around is now under question. When deciding to ask to trial one of the Fujifilm cameras on offer, I had to consider why I wanted to switch from full-frame and what I

Ginny Campbell Landscape photographer, based in Devon

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