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Interview 26

Terry Donnelly FRPS Profile Terry is a working photographer who tackles a broad range of genres but specialises in sport, especially Liverpool FC and environmental portraits

Photography News: Can you introduce yourself to PN readers please? What is your day job and where are you based? Terry Donnelly: My name is Terry Donnelly and I am a full-time photographer and live in Liverpool. PN: What photographic subjects do you specialise in? TD: I’m probably in the minority of working photographers that shoot a range of photographic genres and specialise in a number. For the demands of my business I am currently specialising in sport photography and environmental portraiture. PN: What is your favourite location or subject? TD: For sport photography my favourite location is in my hometown at Anfield Stadium, home of Liverpool Football Club, with

Liverpool being my favourite subject in sport to photograph. For environmental portraiture I enjoy making the best use of the environment but do favour locations which perhaps are in a poor state of repair, such as abandoned buildings and old industrial structures. PN: What do you look for in your pictures? TD: I always look for emotion in my pictures, whether it is a sports person celebrating a moment mid game or a win at the end of a match. A portrait of a person where for that split second you capture part of their personality or a moment of emotion that they reveal. Human emotion is the most powerful thing that we connect with and to capture that in a photographmakes it unique and special. PN: What is your favourite camera/ lens combination?

TD: I shoot exclusively on Sony Alpha cameras and currently own two A9s and anA7R III. My favourite camera is the Sony A9; it can shoot high-quality sport photographs, even under challenging lighting conditions, and it is also a great camera for PR and portrait work. For landscape and portrait work where a large file size is required or preferred, I would use the A7R III due to its 42-megapixel sensor and large file size. My favourite lenses for sport photography are the Sony 400mm G Master and Sony 70- 200mm G Master. Both lenses are f/2.8 and are tack-sharp wide open, which makes them very useful in low-light conditions and for good subject/background separation. For portraiture work, my favourite lens is the Sony 85mm G Master which has a maximum aperture of f/1.4. It produces beautiful creamy smooth backgrounds and circular bokeh.

I enjoy making the best use of the environment but favour locations in a poor state of repair

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