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Tenba launches Skyline bag series

Cokin releases CLEARSKY filters Cokin’s new Clearsky filters are designed for use by astrophotographers and those wishing to capture night-time scenes without street light pollution.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission, we’re giving you the chance to win one of two copies of MissionMoon 3-D , signed by Brian May. Mission Moon 3-D is a tribute to the heroic moonwalkers that took those first steps from Brian May and David J Eicher, editor of Astronomy magazine, and takes you on a journey through time, illustrating the events that led to the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. The book can be purchased from for £30. Win a copy of MissionMoon 3-D Tenba has expanded its Skyline bags with six new models, which include pouches, top loaders, messenger bags and a backpack. All of the models are made from water-repellent fabric and available in black or grey, with a vibrant blue interior. The range includes the Skyline 3 Camera pouch, priced at £12, and the Skyline 4 Camera pouch priced at £15, which will fit premium compact cameras and small mirrorless cameras. The Skyline 8 Top Load Bag can hold a mirrorless camera or DSLR with an attached standard zoom lens (18- 55mm) and is priced at £25, while the Skyline 9 Top Load bag can fit a pro DSLRwith a 24-70mm lens. Also in the range is the Skyline 13 Messenger priced at £75 and the Skyline 13 Backpack priced at £90. Both theMessenger bagandbackpack can fit a mirrorless or pro DSLR camera with up to six lenses and a 13in laptop. The new bags will be available from Tenba authorised stockists thismonth.

Thispollutioniscausedbysodium or mercury vapour lamps found in streetlights and appears in the form of an often-unwanted yellow or orange glow. Cokin’s Clearsky filters target thesewavelengths of light for a natural-looking effect. The filters have multi-layer anti-reflect and anti-flare coatings appliedonbothsidestoincreaselight transmission, reduce reflections and provide protection from scratches, watermarks and oily fingerprints. The Clearsky filters are part of Cokin’s Nuances range and are available in rectangular widths of 84mm, 100mm and 130mm, or as round, screw-in filters from52mmto 82mmdiameter. Clearsky filters are available now from Cokin stockists, with guide prices ranging fromto £69 to £199.

Polariser fromSyrp Panasonic

firmware updates

Updates are available for the following Lumix cameras: S1R, S1, GH5, GH5S, G9, G90, G80 and GX9. Benefits depend on the camera; for example, S1 and S1R updates improve image stabiliser and AF. More details are available from the Lumix Global Customer Support website.

Syrp has launched a circular polarizing filter. Made from Schott glass and featuring an anti- scratch layer, the Syrp polariser has a durable, low-profile aluminium frame. Two sizes are available, 67mm (small) and 82mm (large), priced

at £99.95 and £114.95 respectively. Both sizes of filter come with step-down rings to fit smaller filter threads – 52mm and 58mm for the small, and 72mm and 77mm for the large.

For a chance to win one of two signed copies head to missionmoon and answer the questions. The competition closes on 30 August at 23:59.

Shimoda’s straps exclusively designed for women

Shimoda a range of straps designed specifically for women. The straps are available in three fits, the Tech Strap, Simple Strap and Petite Strap, which all fit around the sternum and abdomen and curve away from the chest to sit towards the underarms. Each strap has created

features a stretch water bottle sleeve and zipped phone pocket and fit any Shimoda Explore backpack. All of the straps are available now, with the Simple Strap priced at £32 and the Tech Strap priced at £36. Shimoda is also launching a range of accessories which

includes panel wraps, an accessory pouch, passport wallet, booster strap set, divider pocket and XQD/ CF card wallet, all aimed at the adventure or travel photographer with prices starting at £5.

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