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Ianiro LEDPocket Light PRICE: £58.80 NAMGRIP.TV

Whether you shoot stills or video, a portable LED light is invaluable. The Ianiro is great value and versatile, with a worthwhile output

fromminimum to maximum power – and there’s no quicker way to adjust output. Pushing in this dial toggles between output and colour temperature adjustment. Also shown on the info panel is battery level and a duration readout – when fully charged, I was getting 13.8 hours at 5% output, 1.8 hours at 50%, and 55 minutes at 100%. Charging is via USB-C, and it can be charged with a power bank and used during recharging. Two 1/4in tripod bushes are available, to attach it directly to a tripod, or fix it upright or horizontally on the camera, with the supplied metal coldshoe mount. At ISO 400, with the light one metre from the Gossen meter, I measured output at 100% to give f/2.4 – that remained the same at 3500K, 4700K and 5700K. At 50%, the reading was f/1.8. Output on LED lights can vary as colour temperature is adjusted, but this unit stayed constant. WC “ITS DEFAULT ADJUSTMENT MODE IS OUTPUT, VARIABLE FROM 5%TO 100% IN 1% STEPS, HANDLED BYTOGGLE DIAL”

A BATTERY-POWERED LED light that slips onto your camera’s hotshoe can have any number of uses. As a main light; a supplement to existing light; or just to help with composition in low light. Ianiro has a wide array of LEDs in its range, from large pro units, to the dinky Pocket Light tested here. It features 162 LEDs – half white, half warm white – offering adjustment within a 3500-5700K range in 100K steps, so you can tailor precisely to your needs. To adjust the colour temperature, just push and hold the off/on button on the top for a second, so it powers up, and the OLED info panel on the rear lights up. Its default adjustment mode is output, variable from 5% to 100% in 1% steps, and handled by toggle dial on the unit’s side. It takes around 15 seconds to get

FOR REAL The Ianiro Pocket Light is shown here actual size – so it is truly pocketable, and small enough to be left in the bag, just in case

ON DISPLAY An OLED info panel on the back of the LED keeps you fully informed, with key details such as colour temperature, output and remaining charge

SPECS ›  Price £58.80

COLOUR CONTROL The Ianiro Pocket Light has 162 LEDs, half white and half warm white. Adjusting output between the two types gives a colour temperature range of 3500K (above left) to 5700K (right) in 100K steps, via 5000K (centre)

›  Light type 162 LEDs, white and warm white ›  Colour temperature range 3500K to 5700K ›  Colour rendering index ≥96 ›  Power 15w ›  Battery 4800Ah, three-hour charge ›  Charging USB-C connector ›  Runtime One hour on full power ›  Dimensions (lxwxd) 132x80x17mm ›  Weight 170g ›  Contact

Verdict The Ianiro LED Pocket Light is a lovely product. Easy to use and genuinely capable, it delivers a high-quality output that is stable and readily adjustable, to add the right amount – in quantity and colour – of light. It works well on and off the camera, or with a mini tripod. At under £60, it’s great value – and shipping is free, too.

PROS Colour accuracy, colour temperature range, controllability, value, rugged build CONS Slow power adjustment, output beyond 5700K would make this unit extra special

LIGHT UPYOUR TABLETOP The Ianiro Pocket Light is just the thing for adding fill-in, but it also works well as a main light in studio set-ups like this

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