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Rotolight Neo 3 Ultimate Bundle › £549 ›

Interfit Badger Unleashed › £299.99 ›

power – and with zero recycle time. There’s a built-in Elinchrom Skyport wireless receiver, so you need an optional trigger to control the flash. Measuring 145x50mm and weighing just 354g, it’s easy to mount, either on or off the camera. A new touchscreen makes for intuitive menu navigation, too. The impressive bundle, which is only £40 more than the stand- alone Neo 3 lamp, includes an optimised battery, fast charger – and a diffuser dome, too.

Designed for a new generation of hybrid still and video shooters, as well as photographers drawn to the ease of LED lighting, the Neo 3 builds on the success of previous models – adding more power and features. Its output is rated at 4541 lux at 1m, dimmable through 0-100% and controllable in temperature across 3000-10,000K. As well as its continuous output, it has flash including High Speed Sync, wherein the LEDs flick on at almost 200% of the continuous

between charges, taking only 90 minutes to juice it up again – or you can use a separate battery pack. The Badger Unleashed has a recycle time of 1.5secs at full power, and there’s also a 15W LED modelling lamp. This model offers TTL and HSS flash, the latter up to 1/8000sec. It’s also compatible with a range of S-type modifiers.

Location flash needs to be portable and versatile, and that sums up the Interfit Badger Unleashed nicely. Weighing 2.3kg and measuring only 127x178mm, it’s very compact. But it has a big output of 250Ws at the top end and 1Ws at the lowest – very useful for wide aperture control. It can deliver up to 430 flashes

Pixapro CITI400 ProTTL › £608 ›

Looking for a portable and high-quality battery- powered monolight? The CITI400 Pro is exactly that. It has an output of up to 400Ws, adjustable in 0.1 stop increments, and recycle times range from 0.01 to 1sec. Flash durations are as short as 1/12,820sec, which gives crisp images, and colour accuracy is a very impressive ±75K throughout the power range. There’s also High Speed Sync up to 1/8000sec, a stroboscopic mode, flash exposure bracketing, Wi-Fi control – and it takes S-type modifiers, giving access to a huge range of light shapers.

ProfotoA10Off-Camera Kit at AJ’s › £1049 › Established in 1994, AJ’s specialises in new and second-hand flash and continuous lighting. It stocks top brands, including Profoto, Broncolor and Elinchrom. You’ll find some great offers on their site and in-store, as well as plenty of friendly and expert advice. There are also lots of bundles to choose from, like this Profoto A10 Off-Camera Kit, which includes an A10 flash unit and Connect trigger. Used with the Profoto app, it gives complete and very easy control both on- and off-camera – in auto or manual modes. Coming in Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm fits, the A10 flash gives a distinctive, natural look, thanks to its rounded flash emitter. It’s rated at 76Ws and gives 450 flashes per charge, with a 1sec recycle time at full power.

Fluorescent lighting kits from Paterson Photographic Equipment › from£70 ›

Broncolor Siros 400 S › £1341 ›

0.95sec – so there’s no lag to speak of. As a pro model, it does all this with superb colour consistency. Measuring 320x130mm and weighing 3.2kg, it’s dependable, has built-in wireless control and can be set up using Broncolor’s free app. Despite the professional appeal, its controls are simple and easy to use.

Winner of Best Mains Flash in the 2020 PN Awards, the Siros 400 S is a premium-quality, but portable head, with a flexible power range of 2-400Ws. For that razor-sharp strobe look, it has an excellent flash duration of 1/5500sec at the minimum power, and recycle times are between 0.02sec and

head takes a single 30W, 70W or 135W bulb, and comes bare, with a softbox or simple reflector dish. In the Super Fluorescent range, the FL1400 takes four 70W bulbs and gives a switchable 350W or 1400W output; while the FL2000 takes three 135W bulbs and has a 675W or 2025W output. Both come with a softbox, and there are kits with stands available, plus a great range of modifiers.

For nearly 60 years, Paterson Photographic Equipment has specialised in the manufacture and supply of photo gear. This includes continuous lighting, all of which is designed and built in the UK. The Paterson Daylight range is a simple, cost-effective studio lighting solution, offering a choice of daylight-balanced, 5400K, energy-saving lamps. In the Fluorescent range, the FL500

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