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FINDA DEALER You can buy or sell imaging kit privately, but it saves time and effort if you deal through a retailer – and there’s added peace of mind. Only kit that’s to standard will be accepted in the first instance, then it is inspected, cleaned, and even refurbished before being offered on sale – usually with a warranty. Each retailer will have its own process, but you’ll generally get a quote on kit you want to move on (whether in person or online). If you are happy with that, a courier will collect it from you, usually at no extra cost. Upon receipt, the retailer will check over your items and you’ll get a confirmed quote, assuming it’s accepted. Confirm the quote and the cash will be in your bank account a few days later. Or, if you are going for a part-exchange deal, your new kit will be with you soon. Here’s a list of leading UK retailers offering used and part-exchange services. Several of the dealers below have multiple outlets, so please check the websites for your nearest one – or for contact details of individual stores.


Cameraworld 01438 367619

London Camera Exchange Mifsuds 01803 852400 MPB 0330 818 0756 Park Cameras 01444 237070

Campkins Cameras 01223 368087 Carmarthen Cameras 01267 222300 Castle Cameras 01202 526606 Chiswick Camera Centre 0208 995 9114 Clifton Cameras 01453 548128 Ffordes Photographic 01463 783850 Grays of Westminster 0207 828 4925 Harrison Cameras 0114 285 9854

PIER REVIEW The D810’s 36.3 megapixels make it a great camera for scenics and big prints. This is Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier shot at twilight, with an exposure of 20secs at f/11 and ISO 100, using a Nikon 24-120mm zoom

(three options), group-area AF and 3D-tracking, plus single-point AF. Viewfinder AF was typically DSLR – and fast, responsive and accurate. Live view AF relied on sensor contrast detection, with the plus point of covering the whole frame. But it was less dependable in terms of accuracy, not so sure-footed and relatively slow. All in all, the D810 has many more positives than negatives. Its high performance, rugged build and impressive ergonomics make it a used camera with a well-earned reputation. A quick internet search showed good-condition, pre-owned samples from £800 – a competitive price for what’s on offer. WC “VIEWFINDER AF WAS ACHIEVED WITH 51 -POINT PHASE DETECTION”

the right side of the top-plate, with the on/off control and compensation within easy reach of the forefinger. For this machine, ISO control is on the left side – Nikon moved it to the right on the D850. A tilting monitor also appeared on the later model; here, it was in a fixed position. Viewfinder AF was achieved with a 51-point phase detection system that worked with a 51 AF zone – the zones occupied an area in the central third. This included dynamic AF

Special Auction Services specialauctionservices. com 01635 580595

UK Optics 01200 444744

SECONDOPINION We asked renowned photo expert Gray Levett, from Grays of Westminster, for his views on the D810. “The Nikon D810 is a versatile 36.3-megapixel camera. What makes it important is the speed and high quality of the Expeed 4 processor and outstanding AF system. Not to mention the highly effective dampening of shutter/mirror mechanisms, enhanced buffer capacity, faster maximum frame rates up to 5fps in full-frame, and Full HD movie recording at 1080/60p. “All of this ensures you’re free to capture any kind of scene with rigorous precision, improved battery performance and ergonomics. This is together with new features, such as the group-area AF mode, highlight-weighted metering, split-screen display zoom and spot white balance in live view. And the electronic front-curtain shutter, which has made the D810 one of the very best Nikon DSLRs of its time. “Photographers already using either the D800 or D800E may well ask themselves whether they should consider upgrading to the D810. For a number of them – including wildlife, sports, action, social and lifestyle photographers – the significant improvement in autofocus system and buffer memory capacity of the D810 alone are likely good enough reasons. Excellent second-hand examples will usually sell for under £1500 with low actuations.”

Wex Photo Video Wilkinson Cameras 01772 252188

DIAL UP This DSLR is populated with large, user-friendly controls on both sides of the top-plate

Summary DSLR cameras might not be the focus of manufacturers at the moment – and who knows how many more of this type we will see. But the fact remains that they offer a great user experience, and many photographers still prefer the connection only an optical viewfinder can provide. If a high-resolution, great-to-use DSLR is in your sights, the D810 is one to target – and there’s a huge pool of Nikon and third-party F-mount lenses out there, too.

IN PROFILE Body condition and the number of shutter actuations are both good indicators of how heavily a camera has been used

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