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Multiply your photography Use WhiteWall’s multi-piece picture service to give your best images an exciting extra dimension. The result could be a perfect finishing touch to your living space or the ideal gift for a loved one

LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPHY can have a bold effect. However, it can also quickly seem overpowering – especially in smaller rooms. In contrast, a multi-piece picture is much more understated and delicate. The image is divided into individual sections, creating an artistic feel. This makes its appearance more subtle, conveying lightness on the walls. Not all images are suitable for this, but the right photograph can result in a very special design. Multi-piece pictures put a different emphasis on the composition of a picture, in no small part due to the contrasting division of the image. The photo is cut precisely, so that no part of the work is lost. Multi-piece pictures are available in large format gallery quality at WhiteWall for many of the unframed laminations and prints, such as photo prints set behind acrylic glass, direct prints on Alu-Dibond, HD Metal Print, photo canvases and direct prints on Forex. In the configurator, under the ‘multi-piece option’, WhiteWall offers photographs as multi-piece pictures from a size of 13x18cm in the variants two-, three- or four-part, with a horizontal or vertical division. Six different shapes for multi-part images are available in a wide range of materials, including wall brackets. Check out the options on WhiteWall’s website. Double eye-catcher: a two-part photo | diptych Cleanly splitting a photo in two achieves a multitude of effects. Separating related pictorial elements is what brings the two-piece work into focus. Depending on the structure of the picture, the two- piece work can also emphasise one half of an image in particular, and change the way it is perceived (e.g. a brilliant multi-part image as a real photo print set behind acrylic glass with a depth effect).

Four-part image | a symmetrical multi-part work Displaying a photo as a four-part image is recommended for bringing more attention to the photograph, giving it greater depth. As a multi-piece work, the photo stands out from other images on the wall. It can be said that the larger a photo is – on canvas, Alu-Dibond or behind acrylic glass – the more it is enhanced by dividing it. Due to the symmetry of the

Working a whole new angle: redesigning multi-piece pictures Multi-piece pictures offer a variety of hanging options, in addition to the special aesthetics they convey. The sequence of the individual elements can be interchanged or hung with an offset in height. It is possible to achieve a special display by hanging the pieces in the corner of a room, offering an unusual perspective in every respect.

segments, the overall picture remains harmonious (e.g. a multi-part work on canvas in high-quality latex print, with especially rich colours).

Triptych | the classic among multi-part images Creating a photograph as a multi-piece work in three segments of equal size conveys a completely new impression. The image is clearly structured, yet remains one whole. Especially for landscape shots and close-ups, the distance left between the triptych provides additional tension within the image composition (e.g. a timeless multi-part work on Alu-Dibond for indoor and outdoor use, highly durable).

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