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Scenic splendour Landscapes are a popular subject – andmaking themost of opportunities is always a challenge. This updated book by leading pros Mark Bauer and Ross Hoddinott is packed with great advice

keen photographers – and it offers an abundance of good learning. The way Bauer and Hoddinott have broken down the essentials of landscape images into easily digestible chunks works really well. I found the hints and tips on composition most useful, and there was plenty to bring into practice on my next outdoor shoot. Picture choice and printing quality are commendable, too. If I had any gripe, it’s the small type size. It’s fine on the chapter intros, but perhaps too small on subsequent spreads. This is a minor thing and certainly not a deal-breaker. For £16.99, with all of the quality advice inside, it is very good value.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a perfectly good landscape photo and an image that deserves to be hung on the wall is often tiny – just a matter of fine-tuning the composition, considering the aesthetics and tweaking technique. Sweating the small stuff is what The Art of Landscape Photography, by professional scenic photographers Mark Bauer and Ross Hoddinott, is all about. It assumes the reader already has a sound grasp of core photographic techniques and aims to take them to the next level. With its practical advice delivered concisely, and supported by excellent imagery, the updated book will satisfy


The Art of Landscape Photography by Mark Bauer and Ross Hoddinott is out now; the softback costs £16.99.

VISUAL LEARNER The book leads by example, with numerous images to help readers understand the nuances of landscape photography

“Bauer and Hoddinott have brokendown the essentials of landscape photography into easily digestible chunks”

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