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M K X U J E F I L H I L J O A G L A H E Z D T U Z R S L P M F V B T O A T C H F E Y I I T G R U D F N M N N L C P Z E E O O E G B X T V G N N R I R T N S Q E W O S M T T O O O F B R R I A I X H I C L M B C T T T E S T I A O Y A Y D E U I I E S T R M S A P I T B T H I O A M N M O L I Y G O T C A C O D U H M U N C M R E C K M X F N F I X T X F C J E U I W V T N Y T I Capture life’s special moments across all devices with the ultra-reliable Samsung PRO Plus 128GB microSD memory cards. Samsung’s latest cards feature recently upgraded four- proof features; they are water, temperature, X-ray and magnetic proof, so shooting in the most challenging conditions isn’t an issue. We have one massive 128GB Samsung PRO Plus microSDXC card and SD adapter to award to an eagle-eyedwinner. Just complete the word search below, and you’ll find one word in the list that’s not in the grid. Email us on with that word in the subject box by 16 July 2017. The correct answer to PN 43’s word search was Flash and the Samsung 128GB cardwas won byArthur Tyler of Bath. Congratulations to him. A Samsung memory card! WIN! R F P N A E J X I D E Q C W

Editor’s letter Staying out for the summer

Congratulations to New City Photographic Society for winning the Camera Club of the Year contest 2016-17. Well done to Colin Mill, Dave Cromack, Mark Jones and Jamie White – the New City members who took part in our final – and thanks to all five clubs for making the final shoot-out such a great event. Five challenges, an hour on each and all to be shot on the latest Fujifilm cameras. We’ll have a full report on the final in our next issue, PN 46, out from 17 July. Also, we know there are a great many internal and external contests for photography clubs and ours is verymuch the newkid on the block, so a special thanks to all the clubs and their competition secretaries who supported the contest over the past six months. We are already coming up with ideas to make our Camera Club of the Year 2017-18 contest even more fun and challenging, so please keep your eyes open for details in a future issue of PN . By the time you read this I’ll be on holiday: a trip to Las Vegas. I’ve booked a photography tripwith portrait specialist Damien Lovegrove in the hope that my portrait shoot skills will benefit. In fact, over the coming 18months I have other excitingphotography trips booked with well-known pros Danny Green and David Clapp. Every day is a school day, and I am always happy to learn but also I just want to be taken somewhere and experience something where I haven’t had to do anything apart from pay up and get to the airport. Also I’m not one for lying on the beach when I’m on holiday; I’d much rather be using my camera so going away with a few photographers and taking pictures suits me very nicely. Of course while in Vegas I will very likely have a go on the roulette wheel and naturally

I confidently expect to walk away having won enough to pay for all my trips – as well as collecting the few dollars I left there on my last visit. As well as holidays, the summer brings so many photo opportunities with all manner of photo events taking place, and we hope our guide in this issue will help youmake themost of themwith your camera. So, whether you are heading for the nearest wildlife park, stately home or air show have a think about what kit to take and what you want to shoot. Living museums are also great places to visit. They are like film sets with live actors. Blists Hill, the Black Country Museum and Beamish are three great examples. Most of the volunteers at these places are happy to pose for you, too, although I did visit one living museum which shall remain nameless where one dressed-up volunteer literally ran away from anyone (well, me!) toting a ‘proper’ camera. That was strange but certainly not the norm in such places. As I live fairly close to IWM Duxford, the airfield and museum, I’ll probably get along to an air show or two over the summer myself. The last time I went, it was sold out by the time I went to buy a ticket so I just joined the many people standing on a nearby hill – more of a slope really. It was okay, even though we were miles away from the centre of events, but of course having a place on the inside is much more involving. Wherever your days out take you, have a great time.

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