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LOWEPRO Photo Hatchback BP 250 AW II





HÄHNEL HL-EL15 battery


4VDESIGN Lusso camera strap


AADUKI camera insurance






BENRO Mach3 MMA38C carbon-fibre monopod


From £96 per year

10 BenroMach3MMA38C carbon-fibremonopod£99 The only thing more certain than needing a tripod is that someone will tell you ‘you can’t take that in there’. Enter the monopod. Look, basically you can secretly slip one leg into places where three would be noticed. Sure, a monopod won’t help you shoot long exposures and time-lapses, but it will give you extra stability. The Benro Mach3 MMA38C is a four-section carbon-fibre monopod that will support up to 18kg loads, while each rubberised dust- resistant twist-lock is strengthened by highly durable magnesium castings. It weighs 580g, extends to an impressive 158.5cm and packs down to 54.5cm, so should fit into an airline-friendly case with ease. There’s no head included, but that’s not unusual for a high-spec camera support and you can either attach your own head or screw it directly to the tripod mount on the camera. A pivoting rubber foot prevents unwanted slipping and allows you to angle the monopod to follow moving subjects. A foam pad aids grip as you shoot/carry/swish it about to disperse other tourists.

Long exposures, in low light or for landscape effects, and working in cold conditions will also suck the power. That’s where it’s good practice to carry a spare. You can take both out with you, or leave one charging. Hell, get three! Anything is better than running out when things are getting good. You don’t need to stick to your camera brand’s replacement batteries either, as more affordable options are available from many third-party manufacturers like Hähnel. For instance, the Hähnel HL-E15 fits plenty of Nikon DSLRs, including the D7200, D800, D810, D610 and D750, and the Nikon 1 V1 CSC, and costs £39, while Nikon’s ownEN-EL15will set youback £59 at most retailers. Some cameramanuals might warn you off third-party versions, but there’s no evidence to suggest reputable companies’ versions are any less efficient.

includes, because chances are itwon’t cover your EOS 5D Mark III much past its ankles. The problem isn’t only the location, but the maximum value of single items. Then there’s the unknowns of travel, the conditions, and how safe your gear is going to be. The solution is simple: get some dedicated photo insurance. There are several good providers of camera specific cover out there, but the specialist photographic cover provided by Aaduki is second to none. Annual premiums begin at £96 (which covers up to £3000 worth of kit), so you can be covered against all sorts and enjoy peace of mind on multiple trips. There’s more extensive cover available and packages include up to £2 million in public liability cover. Sure, unless you bought it from a car boot sale, your camera most likely came with a strap. Is it the best strap you can get? Probably not. And if you’re using your camera for long periods, as you will be when documenting a trip to a once-in- a-lifetime location, the higher the quality of the strap you use, the less 8 4VDesignLusso camera strap £79

so they’re easy to pack along with your luggage, and to carry around all day. Picking the right travel tripod can be the difference between taking it with you and leaving it behind, and missing out on important shots. In terms of weight, it’s always good to pick a carbon-fibre model compared to a regular aluminium type, which will cost more, but weigh a lot less. The Veo 265CB, at 1.50kg, is 10% lighterthanthealuminiummodelbut has the same load bearing capacity of 8kg. Like the rest of the Veo range, the 265CB features rapid centre column rotation to keep it compact and speed up set-up, and five-section legs which allow a maximum height of 150cm, but a folded length of only 39cm. The 26mm-width legs can be set at three different angles which makes low-angle shooting easier and aids striking on uneven ground, and there’s a low-angle adapter for macro or ground-level shooting. The 265CB also comes with a removable Arca Swiss compatible TBH-50 ball head, so you can take it off for packing and one leg has a soft rubber handle for an improved hold. If you’re shooting on snow or sand, the rubber feet can be swapped for spikes and there’s even a carry case included.

likely you’ll be to notice the weight of the camera hanging from your neck. What’s more, a third-party strap is a good way to get away from advertising what camera you’re carrying, when you want to avoid attention. Enter the 4VDesignLusso. Made of very nice supple leather, subtly embossed with the company’s logo, the 4V Design Lusso features 4V’s Ultra-Grip Technology on its underside to keep the pad perfectly in place. The pad is also filled with memory foam so it has an excellent cushioning effect with the weight nicely spread. The strap itself is a generous 20mm wide and has a pleasingly soft cotton feel, while it can be extended from 100 to 132cm. The strap ends in 100% polyamide attachment bands, which are designed to be durable and resistant to cutting, and just like a regular strap, it comes with small leather protectors to prevent it scratching the camera body. VanguardVeo 265CB£250 You might have a tripod already. You might have two. But it’s always worth considering a model specifically designed for travel. These tend to be smaller and lighter, 9

Aaduki camera insurance from£96per year


Got your passport? Bag packed? Holiday insurance? Good. How about camera insurance? Oh… Well, you might want to check what your existing travel insurance actually

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