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Travelling right Holiday season is almost upon us, so if you’re planning a trip this year and want to make the most of it with your camera, check out our top ten tips for better travel shots Holiday shooting

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1. Plan for success

If you want to make the most of your travels, you need to put in the hours beforehand, not only on the trip itself. Yes, research and planning will put you in the right places at the right times and prevent the frustration of randomly wandering and clicking. Most of us invest in a guide book before going to a new city or country, or read up on what we should see online, but photo planning takes a little more effort, as you’ll need consider the ‘when’ as well as the ‘what’ and ‘where’. Whether it’s exotic landscapes or candid shots of the locals, it’s the light that can make your shots special, not just the view, so check dawn and dusk times, where low light, mist and smoke can add much-needed atmosphere, enriching any subject or location. Create a shooting list and then work out when in the day those locations will be at their best; for instance, a cathedral may be illuminated in the morning, but by the afternoon sit in shadow; streets that look unremarkable by day can come alive when the man-made lights are on. Once you’ve worked out this list, you can plot your movement so as not to miss a single opportunity. In terms of sunrise, sunset and the sun’s position, apps like The Photographer’s Ephemeris ( are very helpful, giving the height and angle throughout the day; it’s free on desktop, and a paid-for app on Android and iOS, but well worth investing in. It’s also a good idea to check out the work that other photographers have produced at the sites you’re heading to, and a great source of this is postcards, which will give you clues as to when certain locations are at their best. They can also help you find elevated positions like buildings with observation decks and balconies that give a broader view. On a final note, while planning is very important, don’t let it overwhelm your experience. Mix the grab shots in with your more considered work and you’ll have the best mix.

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