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Delve into the photographer’smind How to take Great Photographs A selection of successful photographers share the secrets behind one of their amazing shots in this new paperback collection. We take a look inside

It takes a lot of experimenting to get the right image, and the 30 second exposure was my best bet for this particular shot

Nenad Saljic Nenad

What is the secret to taking a great photograph? It’s something that we would all like to know and something that can be quite subjective. In a new book, HowtoTakeGreatPhotographs, photographers reveal the motivation behind their great photographs and how they were created. A variety of genres from animals, to documentary and reportage, landscapes, sport and more are included andphotographers include Wolf Ademeit, Steve Bloom, Darren Heath, Stephen Dalton and DavidWard. Here is a selection of excerpts from the book to give you a taster of what you can expect…

off and disappear forever. I’ve been working on this project since 2009. “My interest in mountains started at an early age. I was introduced to the mountains and photography by my maths teacher in the 6thgrade.He took the class on a two-day hiking trip on a mountain nearby. I have been hooked ever since, and I also started caving when I was 13 with my older friends. I was accepted to the Mountain Rescue Service when I was 18. “I usually plan my trips to come on destination around the full moon phase. It wasmy first night in Zermatt after 1200 km of driving from my home in Croatia. I set up around 7 km

fromthe peak. The skywas promising and the moon was almost full with enough light for night shots. I started at around 10pm, took a short sleep, and then started again at 3 am. It was very cold but I made six great images. I stayed in Zermatt for a week, but these were the best that I took. “It takes a lot of experimenting to get the right image, and the 30 second exposure was my best bet for this particular shot. As well as good moonlight you also need good atmospheric conditions. The banner clouds in this image are found in the lee of isolated mountains when sufficiently moist air flows across

Saljic Croatian photographer inspired by nature’s textures forms and shapes. His current projects include three books: Matterhorn: Portrait of a Mountain ; Petrified , which will showcase his explorations of the Dalmatian caves; and Birth of a Ship , a photographic record of the building of a traditional wooden boat. “The Matterhorn is one of the world’s most magnificent and famous mountains. Although graceful and uniquely formed, it is just a majestic ruin, a mere fragment of an eroded mountain that will eventually round is a

Top left 07-01-2012 04:08:29 © Nenad Saljic, Top right The Chaser © Paul Walker, Bottomright Equestrian Cross Country, Olympic Games © Adrian Dennis,

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