Photography News Issue 32

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Photography News Issue 32

Fujifilm has confirmed its superiority in the mirrorless market by scooping no fewer than three gongs at the recent TIPA (Technical Image Press Association) awards. Leaving its market rivals trailing in its wake, Fujifilm was the only manufacturer to take home three awards for mirrorless products as the X-Pro2, X-T10 and XF100-400mm lens all won. The X-Pro2 was victorious in the Best Mirrorless CSC Expert award, the X-T10 walked away with the Best Mirrorless CSC Entry Level award and the XF100-400mm won the Best CSC Telephoto Zoom Lens award. It seems a very fitting tribute to the success of the X-series range, which recently celebrated its fifth anniversary by launching a raft of newproducts, including the X-Pro2. Keen photographers have flocked to the brand, many trading in their DSLRs in the process, citing the lighter weight, stunning design and image quality as key reasons to switch. The cameras and lenses certainly make a compelling case, with the X-Trans sensor technology delivering image quality that’s more than a match for full-frame rivals. Fujifilm has, of course, also been no stranger to enthusiasts for many years, producing some of the most memorable film emulsions in the pre-digital era. Uniquely, the characteristics of the films have been incorporated into the X-series through the excellent Film Simulation modes. The company also prides itself on a ‘kaizen’ philosophy of constantly improving and updating products, offering regular firmware updates to users ensuring their cameras stay at the forefront of technology. But don’t just takeFujifilm’sword for it, take a lookatwhat TIPA’s judges, comprising 27 editors from photography magazine editors across the globe, had to say: For more information about these products and the others in the Fujifilm X-series line-up, visit crown When it comes to mirrorless kit, Fujifilm products impressed the TIPA judges more than any other Fujifilm scoops triple TIPA awardwinners



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