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Clear-Com Arcadia from Clear-Com is an IP intercom platform that supports multiple wireless frequency band options including 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, together with endpoints on analogue, partyline or line- level cabling. It offers quick plug-and-play connectivity, as well as sophisticated network deployments for wireless transceivers and third-party Dante devices. Arcadia’s browser-based CCM (Core Configuration Manager) interface is easy to use for technicians of differing familiarity with intercom, and available anywhere on your network. The system can be fit to the user’s requirements for licensed ports, which can then be upgraded as needs grow.

lasted in such a fast-evolving space. However, Sandford explains that while he would never say one is better than the other, a particular solution will suit the customer and environment better than others. He also notes that there are considerations when planning and designing each system: cost verses extra mobility, the number of users and lines of input or output demanded in the system, wireless belt pack management (ie, battery life and coverage areas). “Our network-based belt pack system named Helixnet runs on studio networks and utilises the power of Ethernet technology,” Sandford adds. “So, the belt packs

can be quickly rolled out across a facility, and Helixnet has been designed as a simple plug-and-play system. This is a next generation of wired belt packs, over and above the Clear-Com Encore analogue wired partyline systems that were the genesis of Clear-Com nearly 55 years ago. Wireless has the full flexibility of movement, but does need that extra set-up time to place the transceivers. Yet why choose between them when Arcadia can support all wired and wireless belt packs in one system?” COME THE EVOLUTION Although walkie-talkies continue to play a key role on-set and on location, Herrería can see a time when they will fade in importance. “Walkies and simpler systems are OK for some basic applications, but as productions become more complex, so do the communication networks to make them possible,” he explains. “I’d say broadcast environments and demands are the ones that have pushed in a

more significant way towards the creation of more complex and powerful applications, since communications are critical for the operation of a TV studio, just as an example. “Also, the more complicated TV shows have gotten, the more complex the intercom networks are, giving them special relevance on live productions. Imagine trying to conduct and broadcast the Olympic opening ceremony, for instance, without an intercom network that runs like a Swiss clock.” Tech evolution is always a race between manufacturers to satisfy growing demands. The good news is, there’s plenty to choose from.

LAYERS ON LAYERS Production is growing in complexity every year, but old-school tech can still be useful

Hollyland The Hollyland Solidcom M1 is an intercom system which, depending on the version, allows up to four or eight people to talk to each other independently. Its colour LED display shows everything from belt pack connecting status, battery life and signal strength to current mode. Made for small- to medium-sized events, this is a popular plug-and-play solution.


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