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“The processor can automatically invert frames. This is easy to configure”

be two or three cameras seeing something completely different on the volume. SECRET SAUCE After its debut for the Audi World Premier of the Grandsphere Car Concept last year, there are numerous examples of where GhostFrame is currently being deployed. “ Fox NFL Sunday has just implemented the technology, TVN is using the technology after a comprehensive testing procedure and the NEP Group is working with GhostFrame on several projects,” explains Prak. “Recently, GhostFrame was used for an esport event, Dota2 – The International 11, and a pop-up event for a Justwhy production.” Don’t just take ROE’s word for it. Zac Fields, senior vice president of graphic technology and integration at Fox Sports, explains how four cameras can have their own view of and frustum projection onto the LED volume simultaneously. “To someone standing in the LED volume, the displays appear to have the pickup of the different cameras overlaid on each other,” he says. “However, the technology makes it possible for each camera to see only its own image, thereby giving the director an accurate preview of LED volume shots from the four cameras before deciding which one to take to air. GhostFrame is sort of like the secret sauce to making this work in live broadcast.” One advantage afforded to GhostFrame in lockdown was that development teams were able to enhance the product, add final tweaks and act on feedback. GhostFrame was then launched to the public at IBC in September. The teams worked with camera and tracking partners to create an agnostic workflow and technology ecosystem. Stay tuned.

FLEXIBLE TECH With many networks and producers already switched on to the benefits of LED volumes, the multicam functionality has massive creative potential

and synchronise the content to the required needs of the production.” When there’s a camera capable of double or triple-speed recording, it’s also possible to record both videos with different backgrounds from the same camera. This is the basic concept of GhostFrame, but it’s capable of a whole lot more. “Following the VCM technology by AGS, the processor can automatically invert frames. This is easy to configure in the web-based interface,” she adds. “Showing the desired content and its inverse image after each other, results in a light grey. This can be either a regular video that would otherwise merge with the other content or a chroma key for post- production touch-ups.” Moreover, the high frame rate of the LED panels and the possibility of tuning the brightness of each slice means it’s possible to create a near-flicker-free experience for viewers’ eyes. At the same time, there might

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