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That looks forward to a day when the metaverse ‘is going to alter human experience as we know it’, according to Rockhill. “XR provides the intersection and interplay between the physical and virtual worlds, to enhance performance, communication and production. This lets us build a gateway to the metaverse so that live acts can perform in metaverse platforms.” Artists like Ariana Grande, DJ Marshmello, Justin Bieber and Kaskade are already doing it and a best metaverse performance category has been added to the VMAs. “By 2025, we can guarantee there will be a virtual or metaverse layer to almost all the experiences of today,” Rockhill reckons – all powered by the cornerstone technologies of XR at this moment.

Mo-Sys points to its BMR (broadcast mixed reality) solution that combines an LED content server with an MOS- controlled on-air graphics system powered by Unreal. Designed for broadcasters who want to transition to an LED-based virtual studio, with MOS-controlled on-air graphics based on Unreal, this is targeted at sport, news and current affairs programming. Disguise recently teamed up with Pomfort to reduce technical barriers between Livegrade Studio’s established on-set colour grading workflow and the Disguise virtual production workflow. Its cloud platform enables users to collaborate, store and access new versions of products for review. It has also evolved 2.5D workflows, meaning you can use flat 2D images in a 3D view to simulate a full 3D environment. “This gives anyone access to the look of complex and intricate 3D scenes in just a few clicks,” explains Rockhill. “On top of this, we’ve launched Disguise Metaverse Labs, offering R&D, consultation and creative services.”

TURN IT UP The World of Walker virtual concert used Disguise graphics, with the help of 80six and Super Bonfire

“Extended reality provides interplay between the physical and virtual worlds, to enhance performance, communication and production”

STRIKING A POSE Silent Partners and XR Studios combined to create an ultramodern album launch for Camila Cabello’s Familia


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