FEED Spring 2023 Newsletter

COUNTRY: Czechia/Denmark STARTED: 2019 AIMS

What’s your origin story? My name is Martin Nedved and I am the CEO of Aims. Our story dates to 2016 when the production music company I ran at the time was in dire need of a better way to search through its music catalogue. Most of the briefs we received included music references, and it was obvious to us that a functioning music similarity search would be a massive improvement and time saver. I knew machine learning was the technology most suitable for the job, and through months of research and luck, I met my co-founder Viktor Parma, a musician and machine-learning researcher based in Prague. Over the next year and a half, Viktor developed the core of our music similarity search, which was already better than any competing service. It worked so well that our partners from abroad wanted to use it as well, and this directly led to us founding Aims in 2019 and getting our third co-founder – Einar Helde – on board. What is the company working on right now? We are dramatically improving our auto-tagging of music (automated keyword generation) with both its accuracy, richness and structure of the keywords, plus its delivery and management. Already, most leading music companies use our music similarity search – including APM Music, Universal Production Music, Warner Chappell Production Music, Partisan Records, Hipgnosis, Extreme Music, BMG Production Music and The Nerve. Still, we continue improving it and developing features, such as automated playlist creation, suggestions – and generally features that you wouldn’t expect from a B2B software company, but from Netflix or Spotify. What is the next step? We are looking to revolutionise how anyone finds music, whether professional or consumer, without relying on metadata and without expertise. We already let anyone find music much faster using other music as a reference (through Aims Similarity Search) and are dramatically improving how keywords are created to enhance searching with text (through Aims Auto-Tagging). In the near future, we want to become the search engine for any music using any type of input – music, text or video. What one thing does the business need most? The right people. We already have a fantastic team at Aims from all around the world. Still, we are always looking for talented, ambitious and energetic people to join us in making all the music in the world more discoverable.


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