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WORDS Katie Kasperson THE H I L LS ARE AL I VE Directed by Norwegian native Margreth Olin, Songs of Earth sees – and hears – Scandinavia cast in a whole new light

L ife comes in cycles – in seasons. Margreth Olin illustrates this in her latest documentary, Songs of Earth . Olin’s father Jørgen Mykløen leads the audience through the Norwegian landscape, sprinkling stories here and there which always tie back into nature. As its title suggests, Songs of Earth is largely a sonic experience – an audio- visual masterpiece that enhances Earth’s own music with that of the London Contemporary Orchestra. This required a great collaborative effort between the director, cinematographer, editor, sound designer, composer and field recorder. DOP Lars Erlend Tubaas Øymo worked with Olin to establish the film’s aesthetic, ensuring it complemented the sound design and vice versa. “Olin wanted the film to be a symphony, where nature



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