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SYDNEY SUCCESS Technical Direction Company took home the best technical achievement gong at the Australian Event Awards, for its work on the Vivid Sydney 2022 event

the walls, and have their individualised output tracked by LiDAR and rendered in the Notch game engine. “We’re starting to move beyond copyright-free dead painters,” he says. “It means producers are going to have to negotiate with new owners of IP, be that a painter’s estate, Disney or a sports owner. If you get access to, for example, Disney cartoons, it’s in your interest to scale that for a network of dozens of outlets, since that gives you more financial power to broker that deal. In turn, this requires more standardisation of technology.” Zoos are an example of a visitor attraction dabbling in video projection,

“You don’t need a 360 environment for guests to appreciate it’s interactive. It’s common to find floor projections that change as you walk through them – fish swimming around you, or fallen leaves parting”

enticing and educating customers about wildlife ecosystems. You don’t need a 360 immersive AR/ VR environment for a guest to appreciate that it is interactive. It’s fairly common to find floor projections that change as you walk through them – fish swimming around you, for example, or fallen leaves parting. Montreal-based creator Moment Factory has pushed this further by developing games like air hockey and Twister on a large, projected playing field. Latency is a factor in the technology enabling this – that’s the time for an input ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES Not just limited to the built environment, designers have mapped some of the complex geometries of nature, too (left)

(eg from LiDAR) to generate an output (Barco claims very low-latency projection). Refresh rate is another factor; we’re used to seeing 25/30fps video, but to achieve a more fluent motion capture, 60fps is the standard, with 120fps common and up to 240fps possible from some projectors. Colour rendition is another important criteria. “We are working on a video mapping project for a National Heritage listed building where colour is super important,” insists Bertels. “The client doesn’t want it to look too kitsch, but for the projection to show respect for the architecture.” He adds: “It’s also important the technology is concealed; so it doesn’t appear as if some alien nation has landed on the building!”


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