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FUTURE OF FILMMAKING The mechanics behind creativity

TARGET3D SPECIALISES IN the implementation of cutting-edge tracking technologies for a range of industries including virtual production, VR and AR, robotics, biomechanics, animation, VFX, gaming, training and simulation, 3D scanning and haptics. Its central London studio houses a 12x4m, 4° custom curved and moveable LED wall and is home to the widest range of motion capture and tracking technology under one roof. Now, Target3D has installed the ‘R-Series 10’ hardware solution from 7thSense to cater to the needs of the most demanding generative projects and complex media-based attractions. From StudioT3D, the Target3D team can set you up for remote connection with performers, creatives or directors anywhere in the world. All the way from previs through to postvis, data cleaning, retargeting and post-animation, Target3D’s experts ensure you get the highest level of accuracy from your motion capture data and seamlessly integrate it with your pipeline. The new R-Series 10 was unveiled by 7thSense in January this year. It is the first time 7thSense has delivered a hardware-only solution opening up access to the firepower of its media server for customers to install, and its own tailored software set-up for virtual production. “The R-Series hardware range is optimised for the most challenging of use cases and leverages the power of generative engines like Unreal Engine and Unity,” explains Eric Cantrell, director of sales and marketing. “Our product offerings include the highest-quality video playback, “R-Series hardware is optimised for the most challenging of use cases and leverages the power of generative engines”

TARGETED Installed by Target3D, the R-Series 10 runs software applications such as Actor and Conjurer, leveraging the power of Unreal Engine

pixel processing and control solutions available today, enabling storytellers worldwide to fulfil their visions.” The PCIe 4.0-based SMPTE ST 2110-ready media server arrives from 7thSense with all drivers preconfigured for graphics cards supporting genlock, framelock and swaplock. Target3D’s team can quickly install whatever version of software required to run on it, whether it’s Notch®, Unity®, TouchDesigner®, Unreal Engine®, Delta Media Server® and more. Target3D is also using 7thSense Juggler® for pixel processing, allowing Target3D to take in all kinds of media from Powerpoint to video conference streams and open up the volume stage to corporate clients. Dynamic creative presentations

enabled by the 7thSense set-up include layering media on top of an animated background and then adding Picture-in-Picture or camera feeds. “It is with partnerships like this that we get to learn about new markets and develop our toolset to better fit a variety of applications,” says Cantrell. “We really enjoyed working with Target3D’s team on this project and are excited by the fast- growing world of virtual production.”

19. APRIL 2023

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