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TAKE IT ALL IN LED volumes are the most high-profile example of the technology, but the next few years will see it expand into a dominant position across consumer tech too

market – while rear projection ‘is hanging on by a thread’, according to Futuresource analyst Ted Romanowitz. Indeed, one major projection company demonstrated an LED prototype at ISE 2023, indicating perhaps that the writing is on the wall for projection displays. CAUSING A STIR The success of microLED is largely due to its chiplet size – the individual red, green and blue sub-pixels that are between just 0.02 and 0.1mm wide. They allow for a pixel pitch of <1mm, making the

displays suitable for pro AV applications. Delivering near-perfect off-angle viewing and a wide colour gamut with deeper blacks, microLED is considered superior to OLED. Its position is strengthened by a higher brightness potential, ultra-thin profile and greater stability. “Control rooms, presentation displays, brand enablement, broadcast and architectural applications are ideal environments for microLED,” explains Chris Mcintyre-Brown, director at Futuresource Consulting. “The narrow pixel pitches make close-up viewing

“Narrow pixel pitches enabled by microLED make close-up viewing increasingly viable. This opens up collaboration usage models that just are not possible with SMD LED”

17. APRIL 2023

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