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“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera” DOROTHEA LANGE, US PHOTOJOURNALIST

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Photography for everyone Dear reader, As editor of Photography News and a committed photographer for many decades, it’s my pleasure to communicate the joys of image making. But, it’s not easy to capture a life’s calling in a few hundred words. It simply must be experienced. Doubtless, you will have captured snapshots on smartphones, but it’s a world apart from crafting a photograph with dedicated gear. It needn’t be anything fancy – in fact, many of the options within this catalogue sit at an entry-level price point and can work automatically with just the press of a shutter. But the results can be spectacular. I’ve witnessed the dawn of digital and the subsequent development of small, light and powerful mirrorless models. I’ve seen lenses become better than ever, with unbelievable autofocus and zoom ranges. Thanks to the tools at hand, photography has never been so accessible. Of course, it’s not just about getting a camera and using it to document anything you come across. The process itself becomes a new means of experiencing the world. You’ll see things all around you that you never would have noticed, and enjoy moments that would otherwise pass you by. Sitting on the Travel panel of the Royal Photographic Society, I’ve been lucky enough to dedicate my life to exploration – and see others’ inspiring images. But for many, it’s a luxury only enjoyed later in life. Well, what better time, I say! Investing in my first camera was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I can only hope you find it even half as special.

Will Cheung FRPS


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Instant cameras

Instant classics Capture every fleeting moment in a vintage-style print, with any of these thoroughly modern camera alternatives

Instant cameras have made a resurgence in a big way, and while you get all the same benefits of a memory to walk away with, the cameras themselves are anything but outdated. You may recognise some familiar brands here, but not as you’ve seen them before.

1 Fujifilm instax Mini 9 Purple The instax Mini 9 produces wallet-sized instant prints with the ease of a modern point-and-shoot digital camera. The Mini 9 automatically suggests a brightness level, which can be set with a single dial. In limited-edition purple, you’ll look as stylish as your photos. Was £59.99 Now £49.99 * *Camera only Check in store for latest film price

Save £10


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices


1 Polaroid Now Polaroid cameras have changed, but the fun hasn’t. Enjoy easy automatic focusing and flash, a self-timer, rechargeable battery and nostalgic design with the Now. Available in black and white, mint, pink and more. Was £119.99 Now £89.99 **



Save £30 *




3 Polaroid Black & White i-Type Film £14.99


Also available £18.99

2 Polaroid Go Polaroid’s smallest instant family member. It can be carried easily in a bag or jacket pocket, or worn around the neck on a lanyard. Use it at any time, and make memories to fit in the palm of your hand. £109.99 **

4 Polaroid Color i-Type Film £14.99

*Ends 15 December 2021. **Camera only

Countless ways to get creative in an instant

Seeing double With more limited controls than a digital, many believe the Polaroid Now offers less room for creativity. But this modern option contains built-in effects, like double exposure – two overlaid scenes in one frame.

Counting down moments Polaroid pictures take 15 minutes to develop – not long considering the complex process. It’s best to keep the photo away from strong light at this time – lay it face-down, slip it in a pocket, or back in the film box.


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Take your pick

Camera chooser Don’t know where to begin when selecting your next camera? Follow these steps to narrow things down

Do you want to take photographs or make videos?




Do you want instant prints to share?

Are you a beginner or advanced?





We’d recommend Instant camera Look back a few decades, and you’d be hard- pushed to find any family event without an instant camera in close proximity. But does old mean out-of-date? Not a chance! There are plenty of modern choices with surprisingly advanced features. Press the shutter and enjoy the fun! Cameras to consider: instax Mini 9, Polaroid Now and Polaroid Go

We’d recommend Compact camera

For the casual digital photographer, or those wanting an easy introduction, there’s no better option than a compact camera. With a pure imaging focus, you’ll achieve much better results than with a smartphone – but size and easy automatic handling remain comparable. Cameras to consider: Panasonic Lumix TZ70, Olympus TG6 and Fujifilm X100V


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices

Take your pick

What else to consider when buying a camera

Are you a beginner or advanced?

Start by weighing up requirements against build. There’s no use having a machine so big you’ll never carry it, or one with specs that limit your image making. If really unsure, visit your nearest store for a hands-on demo.

What’s more important – full control or ease of use?



Do you want one fixed zoom lens, or to change lenses?





We’d recommend Bridge camera

We’d recommend Mirrorless or DSLR camera Any professional around will use a mirrorless or DSLR camera, with a selection of interchangeable lenses as their primary shooter. Simply, they’re the best tools available today. There’s a lot of variation when it comes to portability and features, so there are decisions for enthusiasts to make, too. Cameras to consider: Sony Alpha 7 III

This services a user who wants a little more control – and performance, typically – than a compact provides. Avoid the occasionally laborious bells and whistles of a more advanced set-up, but still enjoy a camera that handles proficiently and makes quality images. Cameras to consider: Panasonic Lumix FZ82 and Sony Cyber-shot HX400


See the back cover for details of your nearest photo specialist


Compact 1 Panasonic Lumix TZ70 Silver Truly pocket-sized companions don’t come much better than the Lumix TZ70, which delivers professional-looking quality. Use it in automatic mode, or take some control as you become more advanced. The TZ70’s 30x optical zoom is astounding. Choose between a viewfinder or 3in LCD screen – and even record video over 3x slower than real time. £249.99

Includes FREE leather case, worth £20


Includes FREE Lexar SDXC Card worth £15


Bridge 2 Panasonic Lumix FZ82 The Lumix FZ82 sits between a compact camera, like the TZ70, and a full DSLR or mirrorless, offering much of the convenience – but with better performance and control across the board. Image quality and autofocus are improved, and optical zoom extends to 60x, allowing you to photograph distant objects barely visible to the naked eye. You can also capture tiny details just 1cm from the lens. £299.99

Helping you share the unforgettable moments

Stills and beyond Sometimes a moment can be caught in a single picture. But when it can’t, the Lumix TZ70 has a mode for that. Set up a time-lapse photo of a changing scene, and walk away with a clip capturing all its beauty.

Far, further, furthest The key difference between optical zoom and the digital zoom of a smartphone is that there’s no loss of quality. Rather than showing an enlarged view of the same frame, optical zoom creates a new one.


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices


Bridge 1 Sony Cyber-shot HX400 The Sony Cyber-shot HX400 bridge camera functions much like a professional DSLR, without having to worry about changing lenses. The built-in 50x optical zoom lens stretches from wide-angle to extremely far-reaching telephoto, with stabilisation for sharper results. Sony cameras are renowned for their image quality, and the HX400 is no exception. £359.99


Mirrorless 2 Sony Alpha 7 III & FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Professional results require professional tools, and the Sony A7 III is up there with the very best. The camera is capable of staggering stills and video, serving as the perfect choice for those who want plenty of room to grow. The 28-70mm kit lens is crystal clear, covers the zoom range most users will need, offers stabilisation and can be replaced with more specialised options when required. £1,899.99 Before £200 Sony cashback


£200 Cashback *

*Ends 15 January 2022. Please register for cashback at

Professional features on enthusiast-level cameras

Future-proofing With a multi-interface shoe on top of the camera, the HX400 is compatible with all sorts of accessories. You could add and control on-camera flash, or utilise an external microphone for video.

A fuller image Photo quality is primarily down to sensor size and pixel count. At 24.2MP, the Alpha 7 III has double the pixels of most smartphones. But more impressively, the full-frame sensor is almost 10x larger.


See the back cover for details of your nearest photo specialist


Compact 1 Fujifilm X100V Silver

The perfect blend of modern technology and retro looks, the X100V includes all the elements of professional picture-making, and compact enough to slip into a jacket pocket. A fixed wide- angle lens captures everything your eyes do, and the image quality is gorgeous. £1,299.99


Includes FREE Lexar 1667x 64GB card, worth £32

2 Fujifilm instax Link Wide Ash White Printer


Combine the convenience of smartphone photography and the joy of instant prints, with the instax Link Wide. Choose your favourite moments and bring them to life on 86x108mm film. Add templates, create single- print collages and much more. £129.99 2

3 FujifilmWeather- Resistant Kit

Help your X100V stand up to the elements with this kit. Don’t let moisture, dust or freezing temperatures rain on your photographic parade.

Was £99.99 Now £49.99


HALF PRICE when bought with X100V

Check in store for latest film price

The rich history of Fujifilm

A digital game changer Fujifilm’s digital tech is based on years of refinement, and some of the best on the market. The brand unveiled the first handheld digital camera in the late eighties, and first interchangeable-lens DSLR in 2000.

Colourful science How do Fujifilm’s instant prints look so good? The imaging giant has been a premier manufacturer of film for 85 years. Its colour science is finely developed for the best results possible.


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices


2 Olympus 10x50 S The 10x50 S shares much in common with the 8x40 S, with a longer, 10x magnification range. In true Olympus fashion, optical quality is second to none. The binoculars give a wide field of view for easier pinpointing of subjects.



Was £119.99 Now £109.99


Save £10

1 Olympus 8x40 S To aid your photography, or for some stand-alone viewing of wildlife or sports, a good set of binoculars goes a long way. The 8x40 S offers 8x magnification, with focusing down to 6m. A large focusing wheel and ergonomic, sure-grip rubber construction ensure ease of use in the field.

3 Olympus 8-16x40 S Offering a little more versatility than fixed-magnification binoculars, the Olympus 8-16x40 S helps you acquire targets across a broader gamut of distances. This pair has a longer minimum focus of 10m, within the 8-16x magnification range.

Was £139.99 Now £129.99

Was £109.99 Now £99.99

Compact 4 Olympus TG-6 Red Experience the World with the Tough TG-6! This camera is your ideal partner for capturing every impressive moment of your journey, regardless of the conditions. The TG-6 is waterproof to 15m, shockproof for falls of up to 2.1m, dust-proof, freeze-proof, crushproof and has an anti-fog coating, also making it adventure proof. Available in Red or Black £369.99


Face any challenge head-on with Olympus

Lens perfection All three pairs of binoculars are made with specially coated lenses and prisms, as well as aspherical lens elements. Olympus takes care of the technical jargon so you’re left with a view that’s crystal clear.

Your memories have never been more vivid

Let your activities come to life by capturing every detail at just the right moment. 4K video allows you to record breathtaking footage.


See the back cover for details of your nearest photo specialist


Bring your photos to life If you’re photographing with a digital camera, printing at home in high quality should be a top priority. It couldn’t be easier – or more cost-effective – thanks to Epson EcoTank six-colour photo printers

FREE 3 YEAR extended warranty available *

Innovative brands like Epson deliver photo lab print quality in your home, with these EcoTank models making it quick, easy and economical. Thanks to the use of ink tanks rather than cartridges, it’s possible to get thousands of prints out of a single set of colours.

Modern cameras are an absolute marvel, but there was one thing we had right as image makers all those years ago – and that’s prints. There’s nothing quite as special as tangible photos you can hold, display with pride, flick through with the family and even send as a gift.

* Please register within 30 days of purchase to qualify for extended warranty


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices


1 Epson EcoTank ET-8500 All In One A4 If you’re looking for a seamless fit, the ET-8500 is the right choice. You can print, copy and scan regular documents alongside fine photo prints up to A4. It will accept files wirelessly, or via a range of camera storage cards and USB. The ET-8500 uses six colours to deliver vibrant prints that will last a lifetime. And when you do need to finally replenish ink, it’s quick, simple and mess-free!

+£40 Cashback *

Save £100

Was £699.99 Now £599.99 Before £40 Epson cashback

2 Epson EcoTank ET-8550 All In One A3+ The ET-8550 is much like the ET-8500, but offers print sizes up to A3+, so you can really go big with your favourite images and memories. With either model, photo enhancements may be applied directly before printing, for great versatility. Plus, the use of liquid inks rather than cartridges means thousands of prints per set – and hassle-free replacement when they do eventually run out.

+£50 Cashback *

Save £170

Was £869.99 Now £699.99 Before £50 Epson cashback

*Ends 31 January 2022. Please register within 30 days of purchase to qualify

Save time and money at home

Print more Epson’s EcoTank models are

Ready to go Both models have A4 and common photo-size paper trays. You can also print on CDs/DVDs to catalogue your memories, while media up to 1.3mm thick and 2m long can be fed through the back of the printers.

capable of producing up to 2300 high-quality photos on a single set of ink bottles, which makes at-home printing more cost-effective and convenient than ever.


See the back cover for details of your nearest photo specialist

National Geographic

From the gigantic skies above, to the microscopic world at our fingertips, there’s so much to see. These tools will help you do just that. The world around us

For young and old alike, the National Geographic range of telescopes, weather stations, binoculars and microscopes is the perfect introduction to these fascinating worlds, big and small. And all have five-year warranties. Share the fun, and create new memories with your friends and family.

Imagine being able to see these marvels at close hand, explore the craters on the moon, or even count other moons circling one of our nearest celestial neighbours, Jupiter. Take that leaf and marvel at its cell structure – be amazed at the incredible complexity that feather contains.

We all lead busy lives, and sometimes it’s good to stop, take time out and look. Go out on a cold winter’s night and marvel at the billions of stars, planets and galaxies visible to the naked eye. Take in what’s around you – the complex structure of a fallen leaf, or the intricate patterns in a bird’s feather.


Visit your local photo specialist for more information and the latest prices

National Geographic

1 National Geographic 76/350 Telescope

2 National Geographic 40-1280X Microscope For details you can’t see with the naked eye, the 40-1280X is the perfect beginner’s model. With all the accessories needed to get going, including specimens to view and a smartphone holder for picture taking, a tiny world awaits!

Save £10

View the moon, the stars and even distant galaxies with the Nat Geo 76/350 telescope. Ready to use straight from the box, it offers endless entertainment for all the family. Complete with free smartphone adapter for sharing images.

Was £109.99 Now £99.99

Includes FREE smartphone adapter Was £109.99 Now £99.99



3 National Geographic Colour Weather Station Temperature, humidity and a local forecast make this a must for avid weather watchers. Three outdoor sensors and the base unit provide statistics for four separate locations. Wall-mounted or free-standing, this weather station is ideal for the office or home. £67.99

© National Geographic Partners LLC. All rights reserved. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and Yellow Border Design are trademarks of National Geographic Society, used under license.

There’s no better season for expanding your mind

Starry with a chance of (meteor) showers

All the leaves are brown Fallen leaves in autumn, or ice crystals in winter. The seasons bring an endless supply of subjects for microscopic analysis. Even the tiniest speck of dust will look amazing when viewed 1280x bigger than normal!

Astronomical events are best on winter nights. Cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, so the view is much clearer. See for yourself! Wrap up well and count the shooting stars.


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