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46 START-UP ALLEY Lux Machina

Words by Ann-Marie Corvin

This month’s issue looks at a company pioneering flexible LED backdrops as an alternative to VFX


While Jon Favreau’s pioneering The Lion King demonstrates how a whole film can be set inside a gaming engine, there are many other ways in which Hollywood is utilising immersive environments to create real-time, in-camera VFX. One company pushing the envelope is Lux Machina – a design, management and technical consultancy cofounded by Philip Galler (also the company’s CTO) with the aim of bridging the gap between equipment vendors and productions wanting to try out new technologies. Using his background as a production coordinator at PRG Lighting – where he handled large, complex shows – Galler and his team built up the fledgling company’s reputation by designing virtual production systems for live events and TV shows that have a heavy LED screen and graphics presence. These included The American Music Awards, The Golden Globes and the NFL Honors. The company first started to integrate Unreal into its workflow for live events and TV shows four years ago for previsualisation, then as a tool for projection, rendering and in-camera VFX.

SETS APPEAL The team at Lux Machina use giant LED screens to create highly realistic sets and backgrounds for events and films

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