RECOMMENDED KIT The kit recommended to accompany the Arri Alexa Mini from the experts at CVP

BRIGHT TANGERINE ALEXA MINI MASTER SYSTEM This is a low-profile power distribution solution, designed to greatly expand your power connection options for video accessories. BEBOB V150 MICRO Strong, reliable and versatile, these have a five-step LED fuel gauge, a unique rainproof Bebob Twist-D-Tap plug, and are compatible with Bebob, IDX and Sony chargers. COOKE S4I 32MM Cooke S4 optics offer superb optical and mechanical performance, control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.



A top-end pro 7in monitor with Arri camera control, plus Teradek RT overlay integration and Teradek wireless video technology.

Discover key components from the CVP camera kit, including monitoring and mounting options ESSENTIAL KIT

ARRI MVF-1 Combining a high resolution OLED eyepiece with a fold-away LCD monitor, the Arri Alexa Mini Viewfinder MVF-1 is a versatile option for precise operating and camera control. STUDIO 19MM ACCESSORIES KIT FOR ARRI ALEXA MINI A comprehensive set of mechanical accessories for Alexa Mini, allowing varied operating configurations such as handheld shots, lightweight gimbals and stabiliser systems. ARRI AVPRO 256GB 550MB/S CFAST The Arri edition AV Pro AR 256GB CFast 2.0 card has been designed and certified for use with Alexa Mini and Amira, and can be used for both ProRes and ArriRaw recording.

SEE THE LATEST FROM ARRI AT THE CVP & ARRI CREATIVE SPACE Creative Space is an exciting collaboration between CVP and Arri, taking up a stylish residence in Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia. The showroom presents the latest Arri technology including the Alexa LF and Signature Primes.

SEE MORE ON THIS MONTH’S KIT: To arrange a visit to the showroom call 020 8380 7400 or visit

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