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Banks of Arri SkyPanels light up The Long Night episode from Game of Thrones Season 8


T here is a dirty little secret that traditional broadcasters have been hiding ever since they started emulating streaming only platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But when The Long Night episode in Season 8 of Game of Thrones was broadcast by companies like Now TV (part of Sky in the UK), it was there for all to see – and boy did that set the social media trolls off. My picture was a mess of compression banding and blocking that all but ruined the watching experience. As is usual with these keyboard warriors, they lashed out at who they thought was to blame. And in this instance, that was the DOP, Fabian Wagner. Poor Fabian’s social media channels lit up with uninformed opinions that this was his fault, after he mentioned in an interview that some viewers might not know how to adjust their televisions. I’m guessing that none of those trolls read this magazine, but watching my Now TV broadcast of episode 3 made me yearn for my old DVD player. Let’s hope that the experience doesn’t stop Fabian playing with light as brilliantly as he does.


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