onto standard track. Agito Sports will also follow magnetic track that is far quicker to lay down and is safe to use in stadiums. But the future is trackless, and this will set your camera free. Traditionally dollies are used on tracks, but once you realise you don’t have to lay track, you won’t go back. Agito wants to take out the variability of filmmaking – you have the beauty of instant repeatability in any situation. SHORTLIST n Motion Impossible Agito n Titan drone by HFS n Shotover B1

This was a hard-fought category, but once you see the Motion Impossible Agito working, you realise you’re looking at the future of camera movement. The initial idea from the company was to design robotics that would replicate every camera movement that any piece of equipment can do. (The only limit would be extreme height.) Add to that, stabilisation and add- ons that allow all that in all terrains. Modularity is a key component, as the Agito has been designed to work in many different scenarios, including stadiums, in the middle of fields, film sets, wildlife and much more. Motion Impossible has also designed a way of changing its ends to suit the shoot. You can easily change the wheels for track wheels, so you are able to go

Teradek’s big announcement at the recent NAB Show was the Bolt 4K: the industry’s first zero-delay 4K HDR wireless video transmitter. This is a great engineering achievement and changes the game for wireless camera comms. This is a full 10-bit 4:2:2 transmission up to 1500 feet. There’s a whole new radio inside of the Bolt 4K, which means you’re getting about eight times more reliable signal than the previous generation managed. There’s better image detail and colour reproduction and, uniquely, Teradek has put Bluetooth inside to synch with a new app for iOS. This has a 5 GHz spectrum WINNER OF PLAYBACK TERADEK BOLT 4K

analyser inside of the app, so you can see all the noise in the environment before you start transmitting and choose the channel with the least amount of interference. You can also use the app to pair your transmitters and receivers, so you’re doing without a computer as you did before. The silicon that’s inside is from Amimon, which is used by Arri for its wireless camera. Teradek, as part of Vitec, now owns the company, so will have this technology to itself, while still supplying to Arri. SHORTLIST n Teradek Bolt 4K n SmallHD Cine 7 n Atomos Shogun 7

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