WINNER OF CAPTURE RED DSMC2 GEMINI 5K S35 SENSOR The Red Gemini sensor was a surprise to the market when it was soft launched by the company last year. The headline feature was its low-light capability, and it’s another great product from wherever Red get its sensors. Red initially saw the market for Gemini as being a specialist one, but it was too good just for that. As a comparison to the rest of the Red range, the Gemini offered superior low- light performance to the Helium sensor. The sensor is taller inside the DSMC2 brain, with a 30.72x18.0 mm size and a diagonal of 35.61mm, which only achieves 5K resolution compared to the Helium’s 8K resolution, but allows for greater anamorphic lens coverage than with the Helium or Red Dragon sensors.

However, for most people the 5K resolution is more than enough, as this resolution fully complies with broadcast 4K requirements, so is quite happy with drama and natural history programming. The Gemini 5K S35’s party trick is the dual sensitivity modes – probably the reason for the name – which Red calls standard and low light modes. Add 96fps at 5K, and you have a sensor performance that stands up against anything in the S35 market. SHORTLIST n Red DSMC2 Gemini 5K S35 sensor n Radiant Images AXA VR rigs n Cooke /i Technology

What Light Iron was able to add to the Panavision DXL camera was an in- built colour science engine. It wanted to offer what you could achieve in a DI lab inside the camera when you shot. The idea was to offer similar colour tuning through the camera as Panavision offered through their lens tuning. Light Iron Color 2 deviates from traditional digital colour matrices by following in the footsteps of film stock philosophy, instead of direct replication of how colours look in nature. Light Iron claims a revolutionary image mapping process, delivering a rich, cinematic look right out of the camera, with ‘film-like density, neutral shadows and natural skin tones’. But more than this, users of Panavision’s DXL2 camera now have something that Red Monstro 8K users don’t, as, apart from LiColor2, the cameras have the same sensor chain. SHORTLIST n Panavision Light Iron Color 2 n Red Image Processing Pipeline [IPP2] n FilmLight Baselight v5

Light Iron was a fast growing post- production house specialising in digital intermediate, also reaching into the acquisition space with Outpost, its DIT mobile lab service. The Cioni brothers, Michael and Peter, have acute business sense and colour science knowledge from years of DI, which made them a perfect fit for Panavision, with an acquisition in 2015 as Panavision’s latest digital camera was fast approaching its launch.


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