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AWARDS FILMMAKER OF THE YEAR LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES Time is running out for you to enter our Filmmaker of the Year contest

T he deadline to get involved with the Pro Moviemaker Filmmaker of the Year Awards is looming! If you want to enter this brand-new contest to honour commercial and emerging finally celebrates the real heroes of the filmmaking world, who create work that’s enjoyed by millions. But it’s not for those in big-budget TV and film; instead, we aim to put the spotlight on the creation of long- or short-form films in commercial categories such as documentaries, promotional films, music videos, marketing, events, weddings, social media creatives, you have until 30 May. This international competition and YouTube content – where original and innovative filmmaking isn’t linked to the size of the budget, but to imagination and problem-solving. Whether you’re an established professional or just starting your career, there’s a category for you. And winning an award will give you an edge that could really make a difference to your business. The awards will be judged soon after the closing date for entries on 30 May. To enter, choose a category or categories that most suit your work. Then just email with the subject line ‘Filmmaker of the Year’. Include a link where we can watch the video online, such as on YouTube or Vimeo, plus the password if it’s protected. Or send a link so we can download it from a file-sharing service. In your email, tell us the category or categories you’re entering your film into, your role on the film and who the client was (if it was paid-for work). It’s helpful to write a paragraph or two giving some context to the shoot, any challenges faced and successes your film might have had. Check out some of the entries so far and have a go yourself!


The category is open to any sort of music video – pop, rap, rock, choral, classical or anything else. It’s not the music we’re judging, but the visuals that go with them.


The open category is for everything from narrative drama to documentaries, long or short films. It is designed to showcase the most creative and experimental work. And one entrant, Teresa Dead, has stepped up with her film Shattered – a challenging piece about a Jewish woman living in the Netherlands in World War II. “She is deported to Auschwitz and returns after the war to get revenge on the person she believes betrayed her location to the Nazis,” says Dead. “The film was made in early March 2020 – a week before we went into lockdown. We edited remotely, which was difficult. The whole film was made on a budget of £3000. We are now working on a feature-length version of the short.”



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