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Let the Photography News team tickle your eardrums with photo chat, hints and tips, and special guests. Our podcast is a must-listen for everyone interested in photography – and it’s free! Join the Photography News team (editor Will Cheung, editorial director Roger Payne and contributing editor Kingsley Singleton) for an audible feast about photography. With subjects as diverse as best-ever lenses and favourite cameras, to what they would take on a desert island and expert hints and tips to inspire your picture- taking. Plus, we’ll have special guests from the imaging trade join us, too. There’s also the chance for you to get involved as well, so if you have questions you would like to put to our experts, have something you want to get off your chest or have ideas for future podcasts, please email us at: The Photography News Podcast is available on the magazine’s website, Apple Podcasts and Spotify, or use the addresses provided in the panel (right) to listen to the episodes on YouTube.

EPISODE 10 The exciting world of lenses is mulled over, plus we have special guest expert insect photographer, Ann Healey ARPS EPISODE 9 PN shoots big-sky landscapes, bugs and drooling dogs, plus an interview with Dom Gurney of Epson EPISODE 8 The team pick their Desert Island Kit and explain their choices EPISODE 7 The team nominate their best ever lenses, past and present EPISODE 6 Landscape special with an exclusive interview with master landscaper, Charlie Waite EPISODE 5 Advice for astrophotography and long exposures, plus why you should consider back-button focusing EPISODE 4 The team reveal their self-portraits, plus why photography contests are worth the effort EPISODE 3 Inspiration for lockdown shooting and the team’s choices for their best-ever DSLRs EPISODE 2 Shooting at home special with product photography in the bath and astrophotography from the comfort of your own home EPISODE 1 Advice for at-home shooting and the team’s favourite cameras

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