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For the finest professional results, look no further than WhiteWall’s Masterprint

FOR ANY DEDICATED professional, the photography process doesn’t end at the click of the shutter. Just as an image is captured, it must be seen – in exhibitions, art shows, even on gallery walls. Here, when it comes to the print, nothing but the best will do, and as far as many pros are concerned, it doesn’t get better than WhiteWall’s Masterprint. And don’t just take their word for it either; WhiteWall won Best Photo Lab Worldwide in the 2020 TIPAWorld Awards. The Masterprint uses specially manufactured paper and a revolutionary new printing technique, designed by WhiteWall engineers, so you can be sure you won’t find results like these anywhere else. The pigment print system guarantees razor-sharp images with detail reproduction that must be seen to be believed and long-lasting colours. Of course, all the quality in the world is of little use for many pros if there are frustrating limitations. So, it’s to photographers’ delight that the WhiteWall Masterprint is available in sizes up to an impressive 500x180cm. To suit all needs, every print is made to measure, so whatever the preferred format, your shots can be accommodated for, though minimum size requirement is set at 180x120cm.

Outstandingly high-quality pigment and the ability to tailor sizes make for an objectively satisfying print, but true perfection is in the eye of the artist. To ensure the final product is exactly as you intend, the Masterprint package includes a professional test print. Any final adjustments can be made to hone your framed image, avoiding potential costly reprints further down the line. It’s no surprise that just as much attention and care goes into framing as it does into the printing itself. Masterprint images are mounted on and protected by a 4mm thick aluminium Dibond backing and sealed with silicone under a single piece of acrylic glass. For smaller prints of up to 290x180cm, some unique framing options are available. WhiteWall’s Slimline Cases, Floater Frame Basel and Basel Frames will all add a final touch to your work of art. New hanging rails have also been specially designed for these huge prints, offering security and some much- needed peace of mind. They ensure the print hangs 20mm from the wall and do not mark surfaces. If you’d like to raise your professional prints to new heights with WhiteWall’s Masterprint, you can find out more at:

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