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FAST FOCUS 50 Genius Interview Meet Brielle Urssery, who bears a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the rip-roaring world of FAST 60 VOD Voices – Building a FAST Channel Understanding opportunities is one thing. Building a FAST channel from scratch is another altogether 70 Masterclass – FAST for the Future This issue’s panel of experts explore the real impact of free ad-supported streaming TV


80 Just the Numbers – All About LatAm

The Latin American region is becoming one of the most lucrative for the M&E industry. We bring you the stats to support this

90 Sports Reporter

A round-up of all the headlines from the sports content stratosphere, including a 2022 Fifa World Cup Qatar spotlight Ever found yourself associating a Texan rodeo with state-of-the-art streaming tech? If not, you certainly will now We uncover the moves made by production specialist Way of Live for delivering high-end esports content to the French capital

102 Livestreaming Case Study

108 Esports in France

116 Future Shock – Change Management


Businesses can be like tectonic plates when it comes to change. How are you managing your brand’s approach?

124 Industry Inventory – Sound Special

Struggling to keep pace with audio trends? Look no further!

25 Venue 49 iSize

88 Tinkerlist 98 Dropkey 112 Aims

134 Over the Top – A New Chapter

FEED founder Neal Romanek bids his final farewell, reflecting on the journey the brand has been on since its 2018 inception

26 Sony 36 Panasonic 46 Ross Video 57 Pebble 58 MPB

66 Harmonic 77 Origin 78 Qvest 84 Lawo 99 Dejero

100 Sony 113 Brainstorm 114 Signiant


122 TSL 132 Zixi


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