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Nagra, Canal+ and Otodo have partnered to provide a smart home automation application called Nagra Scout. This app combines Nagra’s intelligent security solution with Otodo’s home automation to identify and classify all connected devices, keeping consumers and their data safe. Nagra Scout can provide full visibility on connected equipment, content filtering and security alerts. In turn, this info will go to operators like Canal+ to optimise service for each consumer. With the continual rise of the IoT – ensuring home security will become increasingly important – users can now access their entire collection of smart devices all from one application. SMART HOME SECURITY EditShare has supplied storage platforms to production and post- production companies worldwide, thanks to its relationships with regional partners like ThinkTone (China) and Advanced Media Trading (UAE). First, EditShare collaborated with Chinese company BKW, which produces the regional reality TV show, Love Actually . The production uses over 100 cameras to follow 12 contestants as their relationships develop both within and around a shared house. The 2PB EFS450 storage system supports 56 available workstations across three on-site production rooms. According to BKW CEO Xu Bing, Love Actually owes its success in part to EditShare’s seamless solution. EditShare also helped Last Cut Media – an Abu Dhabi-based post- production studio – consolidate its storage and media management. The company implemented a 160TB shared storage node, fully compatible with its Flow management platform. This allows Last Cut to bring efficiency and security to every client interaction.

TVU Networks has helped make history – not once, but twice – by broadcasting a space expedition and ship excavation. On 31 October 2022, Tiangong space station launched the Mengtian module. Meaning ‘dreaming of the heavens,’ Mengtian includes eight pressurised research cabins, designed to conduct cosmic, solar and zero-gravity experiments. Chinese digital newspaper The Paper used TVU Networks’ technology to broadcast 19 hours of content, including interviews with industry experts, leading up to the launch itself. By using a TVU One 5G mobile transmitter, The Paper transmitted all 19 hours to the TVU Transceiver at its Shanghai production centre to be transcoded. Then, in late November 2022, a team of archaeologists excavated one of China’s largest wooden sailing ships from the bottom of the INTERSTELLAR STREAMS

Yangtze River. The ship had been submerged for over 150 years and contained over 600 recoverable relics. The overnight process was broadcast live by Shanghai Media Group (SMG). Due to the project’s nautical nature, the SMG had to strategise; communication, timing and crew restrictions were key challenges, as well as how to best capture underwater images. SMG created a temporary, container-style studio with microwave transmission equipment transmitting to an OB van parked on the embankment. From there, SMG used a TVU G-Link encoder and multi-network router to transmit live content to the Shanghai studio, which broadcast the excavation to a global audience.

A new browser-based editing system has been released by EVS as part of its production asset- management solution MediaCeption Signature. IPD-VIA Create is the latest application in the IPD-VIA web-based PAM platform at the core of MediaCeption. IPD-VIA Create is an editor, incorporating Blackbird cloud-native video-editing technology, enabling teams to quickly edit live events, even while the event is being ingested. The editor also features colour-correction tools and transitions, as well as an easy-to- use thumbnail mode for building out rough cuts or storyboards. Using IPD-VIA Flow, finished sequences can be exported to multiple outlets at the same time. CLOUD CONTROL

The system is made to be taken up by any busy teams that are under pressure to release content, without needing specialists or to engage in lengthy tutorials. “If the learning curve lasts no more than ten minutes, we’ve done our job,” said Michael Shore, EVS senior vice president, who demonstrated the system at a press conference attended by

FEED . “No one should have to relearn anything.” EVS has a history of delivering mission- critical playback for live broadcast, especially sports. The scalable MediaCeption toolkit will open up EVS technology to an even wider array of broadcasters. Referring to the company’s legacy in high-end sports, Shore quipped: “We did all the hard stuff first.”


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