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Take urban indoors Location shots give your portraits something extra, but the practicalities can be tricky. Lastolite’s Urban Backgrounds Collection gives you the best of both worlds

Urban locations make for edgy portraits, but it’s not always easy to find the right backdrop. And even when you do, it might not be convenient to use your lighting set-up in situ, and of course, you’re always at the mercy of the weather. With the Lastolite Urban Backgrounds Collection, you can easily create the same urban feel in the studio or at home, and with new textures recently added to the collection, there are more options than ever. The Lastolite Urban Backgrounds are all reversible, so you get two textures in one – there is now a total of 14 different surfaces. The latest additions are Derelict Wall/Wooden Fence, Shutter/Distressed Door and Tarnished Metal/ Container. These add to Red Brick/Grey Stone, Corrugated/Metal, Rusty Metal/Plaster Wall and Distressed Paper/Graffiti. All the Urban Backgrounds are collapsible, and fold down to one third of their original 1.5x2.1m size within seconds for easy transport and storage – there’s even a bag included. But you don’t have to worry about creases betraying the realistic look, since the fabric is crease resistant. There’s no need to avoid packing the backgrounds away either, because they’re quick to set up and designed to withstand repeated folding – a triple reinforced stitch line makes sure that the steel rim doesn’t pop out of the rim tape. You even get a lifetime rim guarantee, so if the steel rim does break or come apart, Lastolite will fix it for free. It all adds up to a simple and reliable way to create the effect of a location anywhere that’s convenient and add another creative dimension to your portraits.

IMAGES Crease resistant and easily collapsible, Lastolite’s reversible Urban Backgrounds offer a simple, practical way of bringing the outdoors indoors.

With the LastoliteUrban Backgrounds Collection, you can easily create anurban feel in the studio or at home

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