FEED Issue 25


you see or read’. But in the virtual world, it’s even worse; you have to be even more prepared to doubt and to judge differently. FEED: So the virtual future is coming. Any final advice on entering this Brave New Virtual World? GAËL SEYDOUX: The technology is evolving so fast. We’re faced with identity problems, with what we want to do on this Earth, and that question of what’s real, what’s not real and how do we deal with it? And AI is going to change all this even faster.

I think the best way is to be grounded in the real world first. Because that’s our envelope, that’s who we are, that’s our soul – although the soul is not that real-seeming either, you could say. I was speaking to a colleague when I’d initially settled here in Rennes in France. I was telling her that in the morning, I had to wake up and scrub my windshield, because of the frost. She said, ‘Oh, you don’t park your car in your garage?’ And I replied, ‘No, I like to scrub the frost because that keeps me alive’. I can sense the freezing cold on my fingers. Maybe five minutes before I was on my device, writing an email

or searching or answering a question, and now I’m scrubbing my windshield. And that’s essential. All day long I’m in the virtual world, dealing with technologies that we’re going to use in the future. When I get home, I like to light a fire or work in my garden, do tangible things – feel the earth, feel that I’m real, feel that I’m in a physical envelope. Sometimes, I feel like I’m kind of schizophrenic, with part of my brain in the virtual world and part of my brain in the real world. If part of my envelope is in the real world and part of my envelope is in the virtual world, where do I stand?

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