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33 SECURITY FOCUS Content Protection


FAST-RISING THREATS Considering how newer content creators should approach the development of an anti-piracy strategy, Frank Poppelsdorf, VP of product management at Irdeto, says, “It is important to take a holistic view and not believe piracy is something that can be controlled by investing in a single project. Preventing piracy is an ongoing battle, one that all content creators should prioritise investing in from the start. Working with a specialist cybersecurity firm

can provide streaming platforms with the full set of security services necessary to work in an integrated fashion, such as watermarking and piracy detection.” Nonetheless, Poppelsdorf

readily highlights illegal redistribution of both live

and on-demand VOD content as the fastest-growing security threat faced by broadcasters in 2020. He continues: “Unfortunately, it has become all too easy for pirates to rip content through mobiles and HDMI ports, and re-transmit it over the open internet. Without robust online piracy solutions in place, identifying and removing pirated content is a task almost impossible to keep on top of. “More traditional piracy methods like control word sharing, though they’re still ongoing, are becoming less of a threat as the world becomes increasingly connected. That isn’t to say the problem has totally disappeared, as well-funded operations like BeOutQ are continuing to use illegal methods to gain access to content, proving this is still an issue in certain markets.” Pierre-Alexandre Bidard, VP of partnerships and security product management at Viaccess-Orca, identifies the advent of more exclusive content,

improved bandwidth, and OTT services that “address a large heterogeneity of devices (especially in terms of

security)” as among the reasons that “video piracy today is bigger than ever”.

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