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Travel companions If you’re off on your travels this summer, you want to streamline your kit so it’s easy to carry. Manfrotto’s BeFree tripod and Advanced Travel Backpack are the perfect partnership for any trip

Any photographer knows that a good tripod is essential for top-quality images, but when you’re on your travels, carrying one can be cumbersome, tiring and uncomfortable. Manfrotto has the ideal solution in the shape of the BeFree tripod, the photographer’s perfect travel companion. And

now the brand new Advanced Travel Backpack has a dedicated pocket designed specifically for the BeFree tripod, so carrying it along with everything else you need has never been easier. Together, they make the perfect travel combination.

The BeFree tripod features a unique folding mechanism that makes it extremely compact. The legs swing right round and fit perfectly around the head and quick-release plate attachment, making the whole tripod just 40cm long when packed up – perfect for tucking into a suitcase, or even taking in your on-board luggage on a flight. The lightweight aluminium legs mean it weighs just 1.4kg too, so it won’t weigh you down. This size and weight comes with no sacrifice in performance either. The four leg sections extend out to provide a sturdy support standing nearly 1.5 metres at its tallest. The aluminium ball head allows you to position your camera in any position you like, and it can hold up to 4kg – plenty for a DSLR, even a long zoom lens attached. Using the BeFree is fuss-free too, with simple clip leg locks and new patented leg angle selectors offering two leg inclinations for maximum versatilty. It even comes with a dedicated shoulder bag to protect it and make it easier to carry, but Manfrotto now has a new, even more elegant solution to taking the BeFree on your travels with the rest of your kit – the Advanced Travel Backpack. Portable support The BeFree tripod gives you stability without weighing you down

The new Advanced Travel Backpack makes travel simple, letting you carry your camera kit, tripod and personal items all in the same bag. A bottom compartment accommodates your camera and lenses, with removable dividers you can arrange to suit. This leaves the top half to carry your personal items, or more photo accessories, and zipped side access makes it quick and easy to get to the whole lot. If you’re not taking your camera, then you can even adjust the internal compartment divider to convert the Travel Backpack into an everyday bag. The best bit about the Travel Backpack though is that you don’t have to lug around a tripod separately. It has an extendable side padded pocket designed to accommodate the BeFree – it’s the perfect partner for the ideal travel tripod. If you want to take a different tripod, the Travel Backpack is still the All in one bag

answer, with adjustable hanging straps on the front. Sharing its build quality, protection and style with the rest of the Manfrotto Advanced bag range, the Travel Backpack is already an award winner, picking up the Red Dot Design Award for best design product 2014. With the combination of the Travel Backpack and the BeFree tripod, you’ll be onto a winner too.

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